I’ll back off .

I wanna tell you about my story. about this boy, and this girl. They’re my best friend..

the boy, he was.. well, we’re close. I love him, you know, not that love, I love him as my ‘best friend’ .. I used to call him when I need him, and never feel afraid to cry in front of him whenever I’m sad. We used to share secrets when I’m in Junior High. . you see, we’re that close.

the girl, she’s .. she’s a good friend of mine too. well, she got A LOT of friends. Everyone likes her. She gets along really well with everyone she met. She’s the best when we’re discussing about stuffs we love. I used to feel jealous of her, for her ability to handle all the things. And .. She’s great in talking. and nagging too. lol. she’s .. great. we’re not that close, but well, we’re good friends.

til few days ago, everything was perfect. that boy and I spend much time texting each other, talking about anything not so special but talkable, (you know what I mean) .. and the girl and I also get along really well, especially at boring times, she’s the best entertainer. she never fails to make me laugh.. lol.

then that boy seems starting to  ‘abandon’ me .. he didn’t reply my text, .. I thought that was okay.

the next day, we’re talking about some subjects .. and when I start to grump and nag about the hardships I got because of that subject, he changes the topic and ends our texting-ceremony. then I started to introspect what’s wrong with me.  “am I that annoying for him? maybe I should stop acting this way” ..

then the next day comes. yesterday. my other friend, named J (J is.. really close to the girl), nags to the girl, and eventually shouts to the boy (my bestfriend), “hey, this is all your girlfriend’s fault!” – and I got startled. .

his girlfriend? so that’s why he’s always around when I hang around with the girl? or maybe it’s just a mistake?

but the evidences are really clear, and appears almost everytime. J tease them almost everyday. everytime. when the boy needs paper, he asks the girl. and J will tease them, “ohh, I see .. you want the paper from the girl!”  and stuffs like, “ohh, girl (the girl) you’re changing a lot after you’re with him”

and the boy acts really excited everytime the girl’s around.. the boy helped her with her assignments..

And I feel strange inside. I don’t know. It just feels.. strange.

If they’re actually dating, at least.. tell me? I thought we’re good friends..?

or maybe I was just.. too sensitive? ahh, it feels strange. I think.. My heart breaks.  It’s really confusing, you know. when someone that you love (like the way I love the boy) seems to go far away from you.. he never texts me before I text him first. That’s not.. usual. lol. I think I’m just too sensitive.

but well, if that’s the way,  it’s fine. maybe they have their own thoughts, their own ways. I think all I needto do  is .. just backing off. and stop trying to mess with them and their relationship. Even thought I thought if he’s actually that close to me, he should at least.. trust me and tell me the truth.. but well..~

so, I’ll back off now. . ! I think I should never actually hope for something like a sibling love from that boy <.< khu – khu ..

and music for this post .. a broken hearted song, not really connected to my post but.. it’s just nice. enjoy 🙂

G.Na – I’ll back off so you can live (kpop)

one more thing!! the videos I’m going to upload are mostly available in my youtube channel, k321o . subscribe if you want to ^^ and .. I added the lyrics’ translation too. hope it helps you in understanding the lyrics! 🙂


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