music, everyone! for free!

I was just surfing youtube like always when I ended up founding some great stuffs. YOU have to know what it is.

so,  everyone knows what youtube got, right? yes, FRESH musicians. great indies. great music, fresh, ahh, you know what i mean.

I was watching Clara C’s videos (congrats for her new album!!!) when i ended up watching Jane Lui’s videos. She’s great, people! really! i mean it! and she’s launching her album on October 5th. it’s so clooooooossseeeeeeee!!!!!

And so, i visited her website, and found a really interesting video about her album..

SHE’S GIVING AWAY HER ALBUM, (called “GOODNIGHT COMPANY” ) FOR FREEEEEEEEEE!!! you don’t believe me, do you?

check this out :

well, i wanna be one of the people who got the chance to get this album!! oh, i want it so bad right after i hear the preview.. ahh, i want it, so bad!!

do you want it too? well, visit for more updates and information!
i swear you will enjoy the site as much as i do ^^

so, enjoy the music!!!!

and an music video from Clara C,


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