Every cloud has a silver lining ..

greetings, everyone. it’s been a great and long week.. and it’s been a while since i last updated this blog. πŸ™‚

and i wanna come back as someone who’s filled with MUCH positive energy~! i just realized that showing some positive thoughts is one of the best way to help others.. and so, i will keep on doing this.

i found one cute phrase from twitter, saying

“smile. it’s easier than explaining why you’re sad” ..

it is controversial, but one thing i wanna remind all of you about is..

that YOU (yes, you!) don’t have ANY right to be sad because of ANY trouble you’re facing.

WHY? you’ll start asking why. because in every problem you face, you grow. if you don’t get any troubles, you’re in the REAL TROUBLE!

God creates us, all of us, with purposes. and He lets us face troubles so we could learn how to reach that purpose HE’s been planning for us. HE knows our limit, and HE will never give us temptations that’s over our limit.

so when you’re facing something hard and you wanna give up, think again.Β  is ‘giving up’ a lesson you need to take from your problem? of course not! you just need to open your eyes wider and see the blessings that’s waiting for you.

and one more thing – nagging and outraging won’t do any change. Think about it and handle it positively, and your problem would feel like gold served inside a rock. πŸ™‚

a song from Dumbfounded ft Clara C ft Jay Park (youtube indies) – Clouds

remember, every cloud has a silver lining!


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