a life of a school girl.. like me.

greetings everyone~ i think this thread is all about sharing my days, these days.. so it’s a bit meaningless.. hope you guys understand 😛

it’s been a loooooooooooong  half school year, and we’re ready to start a new semester, and to end the first semester. how do i feel about it? let’s think.. hmmm..


1. YAYAYAYY!! christmas holiday is hereee~ gonna have LOTS of fun stuffs to do, hell yeah~

2. NOOOOOOOO!! The Semester Final Exam’s next week, HELLO DISASTER! GOODBYE HAVING FUN~!

3. NOOOOOOOO!! you see, when it’s the last week before final exam, it’s the busiest yet the laziest week EVER. So we definitely do nothing but trying hard to push our bad scores away – by remedials, assignments and stuffs.  It’s paradise for diligent students like me, but it’s kinda annoying for not-diligent-students.. but it’s not that easy to run away from assignments, since ALL of our teacher seems to love it when they give us so many final ass-ignments to do..

so you see.. there’s more ‘NO’ than ‘YAY’ .. not a good thing. and the ‘YAY’ part is too short. no fun. so forget about those silly semester-ending stuffs. i just wanna talk about my happiness in laziness 🙂

even thou tomorrow’s the HUGE deadline (for all of the stupid final assignments .. =..=) but i just don’t seem to pay attention. . . . well. . .

there’s still many assignments that I haven’t touched and it’s not good.

I was panicking few hours ago because I can’t go home early and finish all the work that I need to finish. but now when I’m home, .. all the diigent-student-spirit is all gone~ THANKS to my laptop. this small thing is kinda magical..

i really wish my exam questions would be like these :

1. how to have fun in the middle of your final exam?

  • open youtube, look for the channel wongfuproductions or nigahiga or kevjumba .. i guarantee, you’ll find so much addicting fun stuffs there!
  • start with the things you  love. i love k-pop, and what i do is open the gossip website, allkpop.com and just read and watch all the threads available.. it’s truly fantastic.
  • I usually hook myself up at jpopasia.com when i’m more than just bored, and write journals. like these, but .. more informal. like a diary? well diary is such a disgusting word to hear so let’s just leave it as journals.. <_<
  • edit photos! when you’re more than just bored, your crativity will shine so bright. open adobe photoshop and just start controling your photo’s lighting hue saturations and blah blah blah..
  • pick a novel or an e-book that interests you and start reading. time passes like crazy when you’re enjoying a story. BELIEVE ME, i’ve tried this thing for YEARS, since i was in the first year of elementary school.. <_< yeah yeah, i’m a bookworm. 😛
  • start the music and act like if you’re on the dance floor. DANCE AS CRAZY AS YOU CAN! if you can’t, open youtube and watch some dance moves, learn it and DANCE! PLUS, don’t forget to sing!!!!
  • I start filling up my scrapbook, the book called ‘book of identity’ .. and start messing around with every single trash available in my room and creating creative things .. woohoo, you never knew how magical my room is.. XD
  • COOK! yeah, pull out everything your refrigerator have, and start mixing it up with your instincts.  cook anything, as long as it’s delicious. make your favorite drink too! and desserts! and then bring all of them to the front of the TV and start to explore channels with delicious food wandering around your teeth~
  • if you can’t help your worries about the exam, CLEAN UP your room, and start studying. I’m the real victim – when you can’t help but worrying, start doing something to stop worrying.. gosh, this is so going to the last thing i wrote in the list..

teehee, i wrote an essay aready 😛

2. what is your favorite thing to do everyday?

  • SLEEP. i hate missing my naps – and i hate sleeping before midnight. it’s not that i hate it, but i just can’t miss my naps and i can’t sleep before midnight. coooool right?
  • EAT. i’m addicted to food.. LOL. EVERYONE DOES, for sure 😛 and i just love to cook too, so.. I can’t be helped =..=’
  • WATCH MOVIES/VIDEOS! the best entertainment EVER~!
  • MUSIC. listen to music, sing along the songs, and dance together with the music beat.. woohoo the best thing ever when i’m filled up with great energy 😛

those are the best things EVER.. XD


i wish i could live happily without any certain worries – but it’s not really that fun, right? so let’s just live the way we live now and give thanks for everything we’ve got 😀

btw, two videos for you guys~

#1 A.S.S (Agents of Secret Stuff) – a semi-movie ? created and produced by wongfuproductions and ryanhiga..

#2 K-ON! – Don’t Say Lazy .. some real music from the anime K-ON~! enjoy! 🙂


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