voice of Indonesia experience .. stage rush

This is a story I specially write recapping my experience when I face the Christmas Charity Concert.. lols. I’m holding up my embarassment now TT^TT hope you guys understand thou.. XD enjoy~!

18 Dec. 2010

00:26 .. It’s late midnight now. but I can’t sleep. At all. How can I? I’m super nervous! the concert’s today! *bzz* (my phone buzzed out of blue..!) a message.

so a message came from a number that I’ve never saw before. It said : “Don’t miss it. For the Christmas Charity Concert choir.. tomorrow, 18th December, LAST PRACTICE at 11.30 on TIM .. blablabla (the place’s address..).. Godbless..TAbyta << WHO THE HELL IS TAbyta? If I’m not mistaken.. one of the official crew for the concert? eh? for real? 11.30? THE PLACE’s IN CENTRAL JAKARTA! gosh, what time should I go!?! traffic jam’s uncontrolable! and the concert’s starting at 7 p.m .. seriously? I thought we’re supposed to be there at 1 .. ?

09:45 I woke up. What time.. OH MY GOSH I’m gonna be late. Definitely.

So I ran away, take a shower, and prepare everything. I don’t remember what time it is .. but mom rushes into the house like a wild horse and start panicking.  . traffic jam’s crazy that day, and my aunt has been waiting for me on the road, ready to take off. PHEW.

auntie and mom’s no different. they’re siblings afterall. they’re helpless when they’re panic. super. That’s one of the reason why I decided NOT to be such women in the future – I WON’T BE PANICKING over everything.

almost 12 .. auntie’s still feeling like if she has hope to be there on time – 11:30. I feel like laughing. Seriously, we can’t be there on time, and I believe everyone’s not there yet too! stop panicking that way and just drive. easy ma’am. the mountains won’t even run away…..

12:30 .. It’s make up time. I found out that it’ll be better if  I keep my eyes closed .. But I keep on opening it. geez. this damn fake eyelashes.. it hurts!!

12:31 .. It’s hair-dressing time. The hair dresser told me, ‘tell me if it hurts’ righ after she pushed the hair clip harshly. Why don’t you tell me that sentence a little bit earlier, ma’am?

12:59 .. Now my eyes feels as heavy as a wheat bad. LOLS! I can’t even open it at first.. seriously.. this make up.. lols..

13:00 .. yeah yeah yeahh – now I feel like the ‘stage me’ is starting to appear. the ‘me’ that doesn’t care about anything and shines brightly on stage, uuuh yeah~ *LOLS*

13:01 .. FINISHED MAKE UP! ke ke ke.. and wait. I SEE and REALIZE those stares – the ‘unbelievable’ and ‘geez-I-don’t-want-that-kind-of-make-up’ stares.. but surprise! everyone will look like this at last, for real. I don’t wanna feel this kind of feeling, actually. It sucks. hmph. But I won’t be feeling better anyways .. I’ll feel even worser once I get into costumes.. HUUU~ 😥

at times like this.. I wish mom’s here by my side.. which is impossible T^T

17:00.. IN TWO HOURS, MY SCARIEST YET MOST BEAUTIFUL DREAM WILL COME TRUE.. never knew it’ll be this scary T^T

19:05 .. I KNOW THIS IS COMING. I know something will eventually went wrong. One of the crew just came in and shouted, ‘LISTEN Y’ALL. YOUR COSTUMES ARE WRONG. LADIES – CHANGE IT INTO GOWNS AND MEN – BOLEROS.’ and everyone starts complaining. nagging .. and even shouts in front of her face. poor girl. she’s just trying to do what she could..and she got blamed by the entire village, poor girl. oh right. need to change my costume. DAMN IT!


and so the concert went great all the way.. except the fact that my feet’s getting swollen I think because of the extreme high heels T^T


It’s a great experience, for real. A perfect lesson for the year end.. a perfect gift. THANKS GOD  FOR GIVING SUCH A GREAT BLESSING! 🙂

and at 26th (sunday) WE’LL BE PERFORMING ONCE AGAIN! wow, it feels more than just great :))

and our coach, beloved coach, RIO SILAEN, complimented us and promises that we won’t stop here. There’s gonna be bigger projects too next year.. CAN’T WAIT FOR IT!!! AMAZING!! ^U^



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