this holiday! [surabaya – madiun – sarangan]

Greetings everyone! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

It’s been a really great month for me .. so much happened last month (December) .. and this post is kind of a recap of what I’ve been doing last week.. with my family 🙂 hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I do!!

#1 day

We arrived at Surabaya. We enjoyed our lunch at the airport.. soto. not that good nor special – and plus mom’s sick. uh-oh. nightmare? kinda. after we finished our lunch, we continue our trip .. we went to Gubeng Railway Station. We’re heading to Madiun, our ‘real’ destination, where grandpa and grandma lives. At the station, I saw some men dressed EXACTLY like our school’s helper staff (You know, guys who does the foto-copies, take care of ACs, responsible for classroom’s electricity and stuffs). Those men are actually just another helper too in the station.. lols. silly coincidence!

same uniform, different occupation.. lols
one of the man that I saw wearing the same uniform as my school's 'helper men'

you know, we don’t have that much luck. When dad tried to buy some tickets for our family, we had to swallow the fact that there’s no more ‘executive’ seat for us and we had to make ourself satisfied with a low standard seat. At least we got some seat and don’t have to stand up…….. lols.

and you know what?? I feel like being blessed. The view outside our train was magnificent! truly adorable. really beautiful.. well I don’t even know how to describe it in words. geez, it’s SUPER BEAUTIFUL!

maybe not for you but yes for me. I’m a city-girl, and it’s a really rare thing to see an open field like that and real green grasses.. trees.. the amazing sunset.. I don’t get to see those stuffs everyday, you know!

I sing all the way – of course no one except my older bro heard it since the train’s railway super noisy – and enjoyed every single second of the trip. . It feels like heaven on earth! no kidding! lols..

the beautiful sight I saw on the way to Madiun..

< one of the picture I took on the way to madiun.. can’t you see how amazing the sight is? OH MY GOD! the LORD made such thing? COOL! lols..

so we arrived at Madiun, and we got into my grandparent’s house. My grandpa’s a dog-lover, and there’s no way that that house’s free from dogs’ barks.. And my lil bro’s freakingly freaked out because of those dogs.. lols!!

me too, actually *cries* but I acted bold, HAHA. I sang ‘MY FAVORITE THINGS’ from The Sound of Music and there’s a line saying this : “When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad.. I simply remember my favorite things, and then I won’t feel.. so bad” I remind myself about that song and felt so much better. lols.

I met my uncle too. He was staying at my grandparent’s house too that time, and he invited me and my family to eat at some small depots to enjoy some signature food from Madiun. We went to eat SATE! (a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meats [the one i ate was the chicken one], served with peanut sauce. – wikipedia)


oh my gosh. YOU SHOULD TRY IT! it’s awesomely delicious..! and the meat is not that small like the ones we have in Jakarta. IT’S SO .. SUPER .. SATISFIYING? you know what I mean!!

my uncle, mom, dad and my lil bro.. waiting for our sate
midnight snack joy - uncle, mom, dad, and my lil bro waiting for our sate!

And since it’s cold and mom’s stomach has been suffering the whole day, mom decided to order two bowls of hot RONDE .. (A hot Javanese dessert containing glutinous rice balls stuffed with peanut paste, floating in a hot and sweet ginger and lemongrass tea. – wikiperdia) It must be super delicious .. but I didn’t taste it. I’m super busy enjoying my sate!!!! XD

Wedang Ronde, delicioussss!!
Wedang Ronde .. yummmmmyyy and relaxing!

not only sate and ronde, we also enjoyed a unique soft drink – my uncle and my dad’s childhood softdrink. It’s strange that it’s still existed! my uncle bought some and we enjoyed it. My uncle seemed to be so touched, haha. It’s delicious and nice. The brand is F&N, and i’ve never seen it before I think. lols.

F&N coffee soda
the ancient soda - F&N soda!

and so.. we finished eating our ‘night snack’ and headed back to my grandparent’s house, which only a few blocks away. we walked – for your information. lols..

My lil bro
My lil bro refused to continue eating sate, haha

when we finally arrived, we watched a DVD – my concert DVD, haha. My grandma’s super curious but she’s not that consistent, she sat for a while, went to the kitchen, back, forth, back, forth.. so I actually hesitated if she actually saw it.. haha

I’ll continue later – there’s so much to tell and I can’t put it all here.. so wait for the next posts! 🙂


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