a great day~~

wowww. today was cool. I missed my singing practice and went to a writing competition. Well, christian youth writing competition, actually.

I already prepared everything – the theme, the story, the verses (from the bible, of course) and everything. But just when the competition’s ready to kicked off, I got informed that we have to pick a theme that was given by the judges. DANG!

It was pretty annoying .. I’ve prepared anything~ TT^TT but well then I tried my best writing the story.

and guess what? I WON THE FIRST PRIZE~! geez, I’m super-happy.

at first I thought I won’t be able to make it – the others’ stories were.. well, much well-prepared and heart-touching and .. you know what I mean. but I actually won! It feels like .. a dream. It feels so good that I shivered on stage.

I’m really happy. Now writing becomes one of my job, eh!? lol, I got paid for it! really. It feels like I’m signing a contract with the company where the competition was held. .

wow, this is so amazing that I could not believe I actually made it!!!!

fiuuh, God’s really good for me today. :))

if you wanna read the story, go here : http://itdoesexists.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/kertas-ajaib/

it’s in Indonesian, sorry 😦 but anyways.. it’s such a great opportunity given by God for me to bless others.

wow, It’s a real WOW. I never knew I could be used this way!

YOU could be used by God too, you know? just believe in Him and let Him lead you in your every single step πŸ™‚



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