standing egg .

greetings everyone.. 🙂

it’s been a pretty hard day for me, an annoying day. And I’m just thinking about relaxing myself and let the things that annoys me goes out from my head.

and you know what? I accidentally ‘bumped’ into standing egg’s welcoming tweet. I followed @standingEGG yesterday or two days ago and they sent me a ‘welcoming tweet’ in Korean.

since I like their music style so much, I tried to translate that welcoming tweet and I tweeted back in english.. wishing they would understand english.. or at least they could try to google it and find the meanings. lol..

and you know what? they answered my tweet~! that’s just awesome. not any artists would do that!

now not just because I like their music that I admire them – but also because of their hospitality :3 thay took my heart right away! lol..

so hear them guys, cause they DESERVES attention and love!!


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