freaking out me.

Lately I’ve been freaking my head out. I know, it sounds stupid but really. Everything’s just.. so annoying and everything freaks me out.

I can’t stop myself from being gloomy and stuffs. My mood’s not controlled. Don’t tell me it’s because I’m a girl and I’m going to face my period soon, cause it’s completely wrong. I just finished my last month’s period, and F.Y.I, my periods came at the end of months.

And these songs are the only songs that plays in my head all day long:

And this:

AaaAaaNd this, (in case you’re not bored enough with these songs):

yeah, I’ve been such a great geek and I haven’t even started with all the weirdness I did all day.

I ate A LOT, I almost finished up my packed lunch at the first break at 9:00 A.M, starve fore the rest of the day, being gloomy, ate omelet like if that’s the only thing I wanna eat this week, watch the first season of glee for like three hours non-stop, finishing 3-4 episodes.. and not to mention my crazy dinner – I ate three cups of ice cream, I ate so many chicken nuggets, almost finished up all of the roasted chicken my mom made WITH rice..

I know, when I’m stressed, I can’t help myself but eating. I know it’s not good. It’s the same with using drugs and alcohol to tame yourself down when you’re stressed – but it never works. why? cause they never wipe out the problems. They’re growing it so it’ll be bigger every-second.

I need to stop all of this. right?

and for anyone who reads this and has been doing the same thing, let’s stop together and just face our problems naturally, shall we?

God bless you! πŸ™‚


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