Another teenager .

It’s almost the end of year 10 (first year in High School), and everything hasn’t been so easy. So many things change, and I just can’t let myself stop freaking out because of it. How? I’ll explain it now.

You know, when you’re a teenager, you start to see the reality. How reality sucks, and nothing’s white nor black – when you see that things are not always so concrete; you need exceptions, reasons, .. you start realizing it when you’re a teenagers.

We start to be really confused, we don’t know what to do, where to go, we start to realize how nobody’s perfect.. we realize so much things when we’re teenagers. It’s hard. (Well life’s always hard, but being a teenager after so long being a kid that knows nothing is the first hardest thing to face..)

When you have to figure out ;

That teachers are not teachers ; they can’t even help themselves, so how on earth are they going to help us the students?

How politicians are not politicians ; they can’t even beat their own greed and needs, so how are they going to maintain the justice for the country?

How polices are not polices ; they can’t even erase the evil inside themselves, so how are they going to erase the evil from around them?

Without wanting to be, I start becoming really angry, since I start to see that the world’s not as beautiful as I thought it was. I can’t really trust anyone anymore. But the worst part is, I can’t do anything to help it.

You can see how the young people from all over the world trying to speak up and make changes .. I think, it’s because we’re angry. We’re more than just upset that we have to face these facts. Boring adults can only say, “Deal with it. That’s life. You can change nothing, man” and at the end, we feel that way. The adult way – nothing’s changeable, that is – and we start to be boring. We’re going to realize that we’re not that good either and just give up. Man, even imagining it sucks!!!

I always discuss every events around me that disturbs my mind with my parents. (All about my crazy teachers, strange friends, corrupt politicians, weirdos, nosy people, youtube..) Yesterday I talked to my mom about how I realize that everything has changed. In this case, we no longer respect anyone that we used to look up to. (like teachers, for example).

And my mom answered.. “That’s life. As you grow older, you start to see the reality. The reality that nobody’s perfect.. ” (yeah, true, Mom!)

“.. But you can’t stop there. One more important step after finding out about it is to learn how to respect them and love them the way they are.”

Mommy said that way – but I’m just a teenager, disappointed, as the other teenager do, and .. I don’t know Mom, I’m just another teenager.


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