I just want to write!

This is what I felt just now : I just wanna write. Whatever! I just wanna write!

That’s what I feel. It’s a ‘summer holiday’ and it’s been packed with holiday stuffs (like traveling, camping, wedding parties, watching TV all day and night, meeting, hanging out) and all its weirdness. But one thing I can’t get enough is writing. I just can’t believe how addicted I am to writing. When I feel like speaking out to people but I can’t, I write. When I need to express my feelings, I have no other choice but to write. My hands ‘speaks’ for me. That’s just unbelievable, isn’t it?

I didn’t realize anything about this ‘addiction’ or whatever that’s attacking me before, but now I do. How can I live without writing? Even if I’ll hate and feel disgusted with my own writings in the future, I just can’t stop writing. Writing is one of my passion. I have no originalities except this one.. and I hope I’ll be proud of this someday 🙂


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