Keep moving forward :)

It’s already midnight here, and I am tired. My day hasn’t been the best day of my life. Even though there are things that annoys me, there are more to feel grateful about. Like.. Finding a random thought like this.

I was reading Pandji’s book, “” and a thought came when I read about stop complaining, demanding and urging for changes, but try to make a change.

Keep your head up, way above the problems you’re facing, and see the future. What are you going to do in the future? will this problem I face change when I’m older? what should I do so the generation after me won’t be facing the same difficulties?

well. Let me be clear about my problem. The school is driving me crazy. Everyday feels like hell. It gives me stress, emotionally and physically. My teachers passes their anger to the students just like that, maybe without realizing that we’re living on the year 2011. They just won’t work to improve theirselves and that makes me sick, because I’m a victim of teacher’s immaturity and selfishness. They’re just.. not well enough. They give us some really bad examples and they are definitely driving us to nothing but self destruction.

I won’t be specific about what they did, but from my point of view, what they’ve been doing (and still doing) is not quite right yet and they really need to improve their way of thinking and their acts.

I know I’ve done wrong too by being sometimes disrespectful to my teachers.. and now I know I have to start changing before I expect anything else to change. I need to understand in order to be understood.

I hope I’m not the only one who’ll start making changes and move forward. Because when we can’t change everything around us, that means we have to change ourself first.

so that’s it. Be different. Keep moving forward πŸ™‚ God Bless Us!


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