My beloved cousin .

My cousin and I - our first masterpiece together :)
My cousin and I - our first masterpiece together 🙂

Yesterday  I shot a few scenes with my friends, for our school project. We’re asked to make a movie and my cousin, a good friend of my groupmates, asked to join as a cameo on the movie. So I let him.

He joined us yesterday, and I really don’t know how much it means to him until he said it earlier today at church. (we’re in the same church). He really enjoyed yesterday’s shooting, and he said it was unforgetable.

But as I think of it, nothing’s really special yesterday. Just random shooting, even the mood’s bad since we’re working under much pressure – we can’t seem to finish the project on time. Then after the shoot, we had lunch together.. and that’s it. But he appreciates how he’s treated as a friend by everyone of us. From what I see.. He hasn’t been this happy for a while now. If you’re in my shoes, you’ll understand what I’m saying.

It makes me think a lot about him. My cousin, I meant. He’s really great at math, and he’s really awesome. Like.. really awesome. He has a SUPER brain, he’s extremely talented. Even though he’s awkward with people and doesn’t socialize that well, but still. He’s extremely talented. But that poor thing.. From what I see and how I watch him grow.. He has so much on his shoulder. His parents are.. the worst I can imagine. I mean, my uncle’s not bad at all, but he expects so much and he doensn’t really apprecaite his son and his great talent. His parents believe that praising their son would be a bad thing to do. It’ll make him way too proud and arrogant.

THAT’S WRONG. I’LL TELL YOU ONCE AGAIN. It’s not right at all to treat your son that way. maybe sometimes you can teach him or her to be humble and stuffs, but when you don’t appreciate enough or when you expect more without feeling happy for your kids for their achievements, huge things happen. Without your knowing, your kids cry out in their hearts. Don’t believe it? up to you.

Most kids with such parents.. don’t really do well in the society. Not that I’m being stereotype, but mostly.. they feel like their parents hate them. That they’re a mistake from heart. They blame theirselves without knowing they’re doing so. They’re just sad, angry. Lucky if your kids understand theirselves well and communicate about their disappointments. But for some kids, they keep it inside without knowing how to bring it up out and end up being someone who has no confidence inside.

I’m not being know-it-all.. I’m just saying. Sometimes, all of us need to evaluate ourselves. All the things that we thought were right, all the thoughts we thought were right and problem-less.. we need to start asking if that’s right. It’s hard, I agree. But you know, for your own good and those you love.. try not being so rock-headed. When you change.. you don’t know what comes as the prize. 🙂

and as for my beloved cousin.. you’re special the way you are. Be happy with who you are. Even when your parents expect you more and more, even if they compare you with people.. know that you’re special and you’ll always be 🙂 God loves you, bro!


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