My Work #1 – Despicable egg

This was actually made because my school has this program to train the new members of the school’s student council, and we were asked to decorate an egg and act as if they’re our own life. So this is it : my life (read : egg).

despicable egg - minion
despicable egg - minion

I made it out of an egg, some acrylic paint, my old unused jeans, and my broken earphone. (see that eye? yeah, it came from the earphone. Painted with white paint, lol.)

Yeah, this is a really great achievement I can never imagine before. I don’t know how my head and hands worked and made this awesome little thing. It was made like.. few months ago, but I just want to share it, cause I feel that this is super precious to me and I just want to keep this in my memory.

what do y’all think? tell me please πŸ™‚


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