KFC is the best!

The new bucket of chicken

Yeah, I know the title sounds super cliche and all, but seriously!! I mean it..! lol.. So here’s the story why I said that.

Earlier this evening, as usual, I went to my Chinese language course, and went back home at 9. I was wondering if I should buy myself a good dinner or if I should just eat anything served on our dining table. But I decided to wait until I reached home and take my final decision on what I’m going to consume tonight.

When I finally reached home, I was pretty surprised to know that my whole family is home. That’s  rare. Usually on Tuesday and Thursday nights, everyone is out and having their own business. But tonight they’re all there.. and I found KFC’s chicken bucket filled with (of course..) chicken on our table. Everyone had eaten, so I ate alone.

While I was eating, Mommy told me that we actually got the wrong chicken. She ordered the original chicken, not the spicy chicken, but the delivery man or someone from the outlet sent us the wrong chicken. Well, not a problem for me, actually. But my family decided to call the call centre and tell them about this.

Our family is actually filled with people with high toleration. We’re being raised this way. So.. spicy chicken instead of original chicken is not a big problem for us at all. Even though we called the call centre and all, but we just want them to be better next time. We”re actually fine with anything.

My dad told us that KFC had called back to his cellphone, but he didn’t hear the call coming and missed it. When he realized it, he felt pretty good already cause they seem to try to apologize, and that’s a really good thing. So we have nothing to feel bad about anymore. We’re enjoyed the chicken.

But! ..

What we didn’t expect was the coming of a delivery guy in front of our house. He apologized and gave us a new full bucket, filled with original chicken.

Our house went wild.

We didn’t expect them to do that. I can’t believe it happened.

We felt bad about it and we tried to pay for the new bucket of chicken, but the guy didn’t want to take our money. He said that he was told to send the chicken so we HAVE to receive it, and that he didn’t get any bills so he can’t take the money.

Just like that.

oh my GOD.



I can’t stop giggling because of  it. It’s super silly! and awesome!

when, where, how else can you get an extra and free bucket of chicken from KFC? sent right to your door?

For me, this is the most silly, the most amazing, the most awesome home delivery experience ever. My brothers’ facial expressions when they knew about it was EPIC.

We feel bad too, though. We didn’t mean to be such a burden and become a “complaint-full” customer. But we really appreciate how KFC tried to make it up to us.. seriously, I’ll give them some real appreciation, since I’ve never found anything like this before. *Three shouts for KFC~! lol!*

Oh God. Thank you for KFC. Thanks for the great chicken. We’ll never forget this.

oh right, almost forgot. I live in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia.

a song to cherish this moment ..

ABBA’s thank you for the music. or maybe.. for the chicken? lol.


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