Passed the HSK 3 test!

4th December last year, after some short-but-long course to prepare myself, I took the HSK test. It’s basically just like TOEFL, but it’s for Chinese. HSK stands for Han yu Sui ping Kao shi, which more or less means Chinese language level test.. yeah, can’t make it clearer, so it’s to determine how good I am in this language right now. I took level 3’s test .. and I was terrified. I mean, it’s only been like one and a half year or maybe almost two years since I first learned Chinese intensely, and there I was, daring myself to take this impossible task. The home-works my tutor gave me in that short HSK preparation course always turns out really bad. I always got the lowest score in that class, I think. It was crazy. I can’t believe I actually took the test.

I was really nervous on the testing day. I asked my mum to go with me since I was too afraid to go alone. I even forgot my pencilcase! It was REALLY, REALLY crazy.

And at the end, I was like .. “whatever. I’ve done my best. Let God do the rest”. I got no confidence at all.

Two weeks later, the scores are already available to see on the internet, but I was too afraid. I didn’t see it until two days ago.

And when I did, I was thrilled.

hsk passed
hsk passed

Thank goodness – I was thrilled with happiness.

I got total score of 263, out of 300. And it was.. cool.

I can’t believe I made it. God made this happen.. this is just super sweet!!!!



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