facing my super-giant .

This giant is unlike any other giants I’ve met before.

This giant is not as easy as any other giants I know.

This giant is ‘impossibility’ .

Why is my giant called that way?

Because even Mom and Dad, the most positive people on earth I know, knee down before it.

Because even though my brother tried to pull its hair off, it still moves.

Because it is now blocking my way.

If this has been a test,

Well, definitely, I cannot see the reason, or the purpose.

Definitely, I don’t know what the answer is.

I don’t think I can pass without knowing what it might means.

Dear Giant, super Giant.

You’re not there for no reason, don’t you?

Did God send you here?

Did He left any message?

Well I hope so, cause you’re too big to get into my head.

You’re too harsh, you’ll eat all of my brain and my insanity.

Your existence will cost a lifetime loan to pay.

I hope someone gives me a hint what I should do.

Should I climb you up and make myself scratch all the way up and down?

Should I turn around and never believe you and my purpose ever existed?

Should I let my eyes see wider to understand other ways?

Are you there to give me a lesson?

Should I fight you? Should I give up?

Oh my dear Giant.

Nice to meet you.


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