Google Today! : Charles Dickens

Google - charles dickens' 200th birthday (07/2/2012)
Google - charles dickens' 200th birthday (07/2/2012)

As everyone else, I noticed Google’s Doodle today. It was really awesome. I mean, I really love these kinds of design! Classy, ‘English’ , brown-ish colored, vintage.. I don’t know. I just like this! really love it! I can’t even explain why.

And so.. after all the admiration and all the whoa uuhh ahhs, I started to wonder whose birthday today is or what day this is, cause basically, Google won’t bother to make something like this if today is not that much of an important day.

And when I finally realized it’s Charles Dickens’ birthday.. whoaaa. I feel like..  COOL!!

I mean, even though he’s already gone, (this is his 200th birthday, okay?) we can still remember his name now! I mean, he’s really famous, and even now, people still enjoy his work and admire them.

His works was.. well, people said they’re awesome. I do read some improvised versions of his works like Christmas Carol, and Oliver Twist, but I haven’t really read his work.

I don’t live in a country that understands or knows so much about the classic literature in the West countries, but awesomely, I know this person. And I believe I’m not the only one from Indonesia that knows him. I believe lots know him. That shows just how great he is. We’re not even a country filled with bookworms or book lovers but he’s acknowledged and admired here!

I know it’s a bit wrong to talk about something you don’t really know well,  (in my case: talking about a writer whose works I never read) but still, I feel like writing this down. I want to be as influental as this gentleman. His works are highly appreciated, and for me, I believe not so many people are able to do that. Only people who is totally able to show their talent and passion can be as influental.

(And even if I am actually wrong, and he’s not that famous.. why would his birthday be celebrated by Google? lol. No need to answer, really.)

I know now, I should really (at the end) try to read his real work, not the improvised ones, but the real deal. Who knows, it’s actually even better and cooler than the ones in the comic books? 🙂

I’m excited! let’s enjoy the day!

Thanks, Charles Dickens, for being such a great person! 🙂

and, now, can you tell me just how really great (or not so great) he is for you? hehe.

Thanks for reading!


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