Steady stat !

It’s been quite a while since I last wrote something, thanks to all changes in life. I know it sounds strange that a life of a high-schooler could change so much to make her drop her hobbies for a while.. but it is true.

I took some courses, additional courses, and I’m just trying to adapt with it, so I got so little time to basically sit down and type my mind down. I even stopped reading intensively for a while!! goodness, it feels really bad. Boring. Annoying.

My studies took so much time, and it’s not fun at all.

But what I found today on WordPress feels like a fresh bubble of happiness.

My Book Blog's Stat

For the very first time on my life, I have at least one person reading my blog in (almost) 30 days!

geeeeeeeeee~! I am filled with glee.




I know it’s not this blog, (who cares?) but still, it gives me such a great feeling.

Thanks everyone for reading :’)

I believe I won’t stop writing, PROMISE!




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