Sam-sung Galaxy noooooooooo-te .

My dream phone, lol

I’m not writing the title excessively with no reasons. Seriously. Why? Here is the story.

I’ve been thinking of getting a new phone since my current phone’s condition is.. well, ehm. Not so good. It’s been three or four years since I got my current cellphone, and it’s condition is horribly bad right now. I need to be taught about how to take care of my own stuffs. Cause I really can’t. I live so clumsily. Lol.

And since I have saved lots of my pocket money.. well, I got enough money now to ehm.. buy my own new phone! yay!

But well, looks like the universe doesn’t have enough love to let me have a new phone easily.


I’ve been rooting for Samsung Galaxy Note for a few months now cause I really love its features, and the fact that my laptop’s also a complete trash now, I think by having that smart phone, I’ll be able to have fun and to get ‘things’ done more easily.

I knew I want this phone since I first saw its dummy on stores and I even tried to use the phone too, and I really LOVE that phone!

but well, in January I told my parents about this. The fact that I want and I do need a new cell phone. And they agree, but when we checked the price.. well, my parents seems it’s really risky for me. It’s not that worth it, for them. I completely understand, though. No problem for me. So they told me to wait til the price got lower.

They believed the price would go down pretty much quickly since there’s so many new releases by the other cell-phone brands, and I hoped so too.

But even until now, the price is still unshakeable.

It’s been two months now and I still don’t have the phone. The price is still the same. Even though I know I can afford it, but my parents are strict about it. They want me to get the best, on the right time.

I know I shouldn’t push my will too hard cause it won’t give me any good either. Lower price means I will still have more money left in my back account, right?

So I think I’ll have to wait for a little bit longer than I expected at first.

But well, who cares.

At the end I WILL have that phone for sure!!! lol.

I’ll just need to wait.

I read a story before about a child being taught in a hard way about being patient in buying something. She really wanted a paintbrush and clumsily spend her money on the first store she found.. And at the end she have to deal with the fact that the paint brush was actually a really bad one, and yet it’s so expensive.

I knew I don’t need to learn my lesson that hard right?

So yeah. Just need to wait a little bit. Better this way than crying in regrets, right? lol..


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