A story behind the lock .

”]”]my personal art - [LOCKED]

I was proud of myself. My head was full with the idea of being the best. I always act as if everything’s fine as long as I’m here. And when everything got crushed..

I was forced to stop and realize just how small I am in this world. How useless, how pathetic I am.

All of those times, when I thought I was the best and I fell ; when I thought nobody could beat me and I was proven wrong ; those times.. They came back.

I’ve been drawn into the same situations again and again.

My arrogance, I know God’s trying to lock them away and drop it in the deepest ocean.

I hope I would remember this.

And this is the artwork I made when I finally realized everything.

HOpe nobody did the same thing I did. 🙂

God Bless!


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