Indie News!


It’s been quite a while since the last time I wrote something about music, and so .. I think this is the best time to do so, once again!


Because lately, it’s been a great time for me! I found a new Indie musician (korean) and their work are just.. remarkably awesome! lol. They present the kind of songs and music that I personally love.. so.. Here it is!


I found this name first when I watched the TV program called “Immortal Songs” where they put singers to re-do some older songs.. And she’s one of the participants.

(This is the performance I’m talking about)

And I was definitely mesmerized by her voice. That’s the story how I finally end up searching for this voice. I found myself wanting more and more.. lol. And I found her.

She has a unique voice, relaxing and lovable, definitely. And Epitone project, a pianist who work with her mostly, did a really great job making those music! I fell in love!! Totally in love ❀ Try and listen for yourself πŸ™‚

And not only that.

Even thou I am crazily excited thanks to Lucia and Epitone Project, I can’t feel happier when I found out.. Standing Egg just released their new album!! AND I LOVE their songs.

Their promotional Music Video is mind blowing, seriously. See it for yourself!!

And last but not least, I wanna show all of you and also thank A.J Rafael for this great Disney medley!!

check his other songs to!! I definitely recommend this ..

Have fun, everyone!


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