I love myself.. here’s the proof.

what’s this? well. the proof! lol

LOL I know it’s cheesy. BUT I know I love myself. I didn’t realize this before but now I know.
How do I test it?
well. here’s the story.

yesterday a friend of mine asked me to help her re-constructing her blog and so I did. I downloaded a template and put it on her blog.. and I also re-arrange all her widgets (or gadgets, that’s how they call it in blogspot) and stuffs.
I did quite much but not much at all.. But my friend told me to put in some credits in my work as her way to say thankyou. She told me I could write my name on her blog’s corner or something.
But you know what I did?
I put on a new gadget, a picture, linked to my own blog. lol.
Why bother writing a small name in the corner when you can always attract more traffic to your own blog!?
I know this is horrible and harmful and all.. But I can’t help falling in love with myself. lol. Just kidding. I love myself.. but not that scary! really! lol. here’s how the blog looks like..

this is how it finally looks.

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