Life on May

On The Bridge


Our school made a field trip to an amusement/educational park, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. We enjoyed the times we had there. Even though the park we visited is actually not a park that highschoolers would like to go to, but we still found it fun and memorable πŸ™‚


At first we were unsure of where we should spend our free time. So we walked back and forth before deciding what activity to do and where we will be going.

We decided.. to go by bike. πŸ™‚

After a while, we decided to enjoy the park by bike. But we had lots of problems thanks to the bike.. our skirt is the main problem. They are just.. urgh. Annoying. Lol. But stupid skirts won’t stop us from enjoying everything!! πŸ™‚

our first stop

Our first stop – Chinese Culture Village! We had lots of fun here. The nice weather is supporting all the fun!

On the bridge 2

The bridge is located inside the Chinese Park, and it looks extremely beautiful.. It’s impossible not to take pictures here! lol. It’s awesome, really.


A memoriam of the famous Chinese tale about the super-monkey. Yeah, that tale. No offense. My friends just love joking around, doing crazy poses and do stupid things. LOL PEACE!

2nd stop

Our second stop is the Rare-books’-market. We didn’t spend so much time in there, I was just taking pictures, even though it would be fun if I spent some times (and money) with the books.. You know, since reading is a lifestyle for me.. lol. But too bad, I didn’t bring lots of money.. SO.. hhh. Need to go there once again.. lol

Last stop

Our last stop there was a 4d theatre. It’s not that special but we’re excited. Look Β at the big 3d specs.. photo-demanding huh? Lol wth.

I wish I brought more money. I wish I wore shorts instead of the stupid uniform with the stupid skirt. I wish I stopped more often, learnt more about my country’s wealth in culture.. and took more pictures, I wish I brought my other cellphone with better camera, I wish I did ride the Gondolas or the sky lift.. hhh.

So many regrets. I wish I’d go back there someday. Cause it’s really precious there! lol

what a beautiful May πŸ™‚


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