Life on May part 2

the team


It was a public holiday, to celebrate the 40th day since the day God has risen. Β I woke up early in the morning, to prepare everything. The girls will perform at the church today, and that gets me overwhelmed and busy.

I went to the church at 7 and (thank goodness…) my car stalled. It was out of gas. Panic attacked me. I need to be at church at soon as possible!! But I made it to church after some times with some crazy methods I don’t wanna talk about. Lol.

After a while, the girls started practicing for the last time before the performance. They keep on forgetting the dance routine, and panic attacked them. But they did their best.

At 8 or so, both me and my friend started a makeover for the girls, and they’re ready to perform.

It was crazy. Right before they performed, they asked me to have a pray first. We prayed and waited for the cue. They were extremely nervous, and so did I.

And the time came. They performed.

Even though they forgot some moves and look awkward here and there.. God, it was overwhelming.

I was thrilled. Crazy. It’s my first project, yo! my first project with teenage girls! I made the choreography and taught them for like, less than a month and there they were, dancing.

All my tears, all my sweats, my anger, my disappointments, everything literally evaporated at once, and leaving me with happiness and pride. LOL.

Praises for God.

Thanks for the opportunity, God. Thanks for the girls. πŸ™‚

The girls and me

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