Good day.

The finals have passed. finally, we can let out some sigh of relief.


In 2 or 3 years ago, everytime finals are coming, I’ll be like.. What the hell. Why do I even care to study?? Such activity is definitely not my style. Even thou I’ll feel a bit guilty and all, and I end up studying but with no interest, I definitely hate finals. I see no point of reviewing everything we’ve learnt before.

But this year? It feels different. I studied with all my heart, as if all my life depend on it. As if the would’s gonna end if I didn’t prepare well. I don’t know how such feelings get into my heart and mind

Maybe it’s because next year will be my final year in high school, or as we call it, I’ll be a senior next schoolyear.. Or maybe because the universities in our country seeks for students with great grades from the second year in highschool and I am aiming for scholarships, so I had some kind of motivation to do so.. Or what?
I can’t think of anything else. I just feel alive when I studied. That sounds extremely creepy huh? but that happens! And I do feel creepy.. Lol.

But who cares? Cause I know I’ll get really nice scores and .. Surprisingly, I missed studying now. I just can’t seem to accept a life without it. Even now I wished I have something to think of, something to be worried at, something to study. Oh goodness. I am really creepy……..
I hope this spirit of mine would mind to stay and survive in my senior class. Cause I’ll need a huge dose of that spirit to help me through. Lol.

The scores are out already, and what makes me happy is.. They are good. Extremely good. It makes my day πŸ™‚
of course, that is all possible because of God’s endless grace for me, and my hardworking.. so thanks God!! ^3^

more books to read, try nail-arting, enjoying the sun..

Another thing is.. Because the finals have finally ended, that’ll mean more time to read novels *Ouuu yeeaaah* ,, more time to play, more time to hang out with friends and family, more time to explore new hobbies, attempt new things, to watch more TV and movies, to dance, to do more sport, to do. oh God I wish I could list them down but I can’t.

So If I ever complained of how boring this holiday is..

Well, slap me in the face, please. or bash me. Kill me if you could.. Lol. Just kidding.

just.. Remind me of how my holiday should be extremely fun and enjoyable!

And I really hope your holiday would be as fun as mine!!!!! Happy holidays~~!!!!!


Some songs to help you enjoy the holiday!! πŸ™‚


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