A bit of life .

Holidays. I had some great moments, actually. Not so great but pretty nice, though.


So Just two days ago I made this card for a friend. She just got a new-born baby 🙂 awesome right? Really happy for her ^0^ (hahaha, I know it sounds strange.. so FYI, our age gap is quite big. So calm down. lol) I am really happy for her and her husband 🙂

And so we decided to give them a little gift, and I was asked to make the card.. And this is how it looks like :

Love for Jenson :)
Love for Jenson 🙂


I know I’m not that good in making cards or scrapbook stuffs cause I’m not a neat person an and all, but actually I had fun making this and I really hope I can make more projects like this.

This one’s not the best, I admit. It looks kinda like a christmas card (stupid color choosing, I know TT_TT) and it’s not even symmetric! lol .. I’ll try harder next time, really. Still a long way to go. And when I make another thing like this, I will definitely post it 🙂

Enough with the cards. The other thing I tried is .. to draw an ear. I know it sounds a bit stupid and useless. I was planning a lesson for the Sunday School service at my church and I was going to tell a story related to ears. I was going to draw an ear for the kids to color because I thought it would be the most simple activity I could plan in such short amount of time.

And ta-daaaa. Once I tried to draw it, I know I’m in trouble. I was wrong. How can I underestimate this little thing? I thought drawing an ear would be really easy. Done it lots of time before… heh. Done it lots of time before, but never tried to draw the close-up one.

And when I tried to draw it.. GAAAAH. I wasted three pages and a half trying to get it right until I asked Google for help. I looked for a close-up picture of an ear. I found a page where someone (I don’t know who) drew an illustrated version of an ear and it looks real. i tried to follow the instructions and all, and I made it too. I drew one too!!

Tiny thing, Super Complicated. Super hard to draw TT_TT

I really appreciate the work God did now. It’s super cool, super complicated, super detailed.. How can God made these?! I am glad I could realize His awesomeness from just a tiny thing like an ear. 🙂 He is super awesome.


And then I had nothing to do. So at the end I tried to challenge myself for a before-after picture.So this is how it looks like 🙂

My room- before and after 🙂


Now, a little tip for you who is struggling with messy rooms like me. Try listening to songs you like. Play your favorite playlist. And sing along when you’re doing the chores. You’ll end up finishing them in no time, still in a great mood 🙂

One song that I recommend? it works for girls in fairytales 😉

That’s a bit of life from June. Hope you enjoy your days too 🙂


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