Djarum Indonesia Open Super Series Premiere 2012

(12/6 – 17/6)

As a fan of Badminton, I was extremely excited. Last year we got to watch the Semifinal of Indonesia Open Super Series live in ISTORA, and this year the match was brought into a new level, adding ‘Premiere’ to its name, which means.. well, basically, the prize gets bigger and the winner players get bigger points.

We didn’t get to watch the semifinal live in Istora this year cause of some reasons, and we watcher the Quarter Final instead (on 15/6) but it was still great.

I really enjoyed every moment I was there.

So much stories to be told, so much pictures to be shared.

Follow me and my friends in our adventure in the small piece of island in the awesome Badminton World 😉

We were there! 🙂

We supported our favorite players too, really..

A milestone (?) lol..
showed some love too.. #randomness lol

The matches leaves deep impressions on us, really. It always does. Wherever you are, even if you watch the match through TV, you’ll still feel the spirit. You’ll still feel the atmosphere. You’ll still feel the passion burning in the court. That’s the best thing of Badminton.

Everytime I watch it, my tummy feels like they’re dancing inside. I can’t watch calmly cause it’s just always so exciting and nerve-wracking (?). You know, such feelings.

And once you’ve tried watching it LIVE on the stadium, well, you’ll be addicted.

It’ll feel like you’re put under some kind of magic.

The euphoria, the craziness.. can’t find it anywhere else.

Well, it only exists in Indonesia, actually. Our country’s supporters are crazier than those in the other countries. Maybe it’s just in our blood? lol. I don’t know. But seriously. Try watching it LIVE one day. You’ll never regret it! (well I never do! and next year, I will definitely GO BACK to ISTORA and watch it, AGAIN!)

Even though some of our players didn’t make it to the final, and some failed to win in the final too, but we’re still proud I love Badminton, that’s a fact I can’t deny! ^^

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WATCH IT WITH US NEXT YEAR! what do you say? 🙂

I love Indonesia ! 🙂


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