Family Trip : Ancol

This holiday, our family decided to go on a three-days trip. We chose Ancol as our destination.
FYI, Ancol is a name of an area in North Jakarta, following the beach line. So basically it’s a huge place dedicated for refreshing purposes, along the beach in North Jakarta.
We didn’t go outside the town this time, we wantes to press the budget *hehehe* and still have lots of fun.

We stayed there from 18/6 to 20/6.
We did lots of activities there, crazy and fun.
Follow me right now, gonna show you some magic 😉


We stayed at Putri Duyung Cottage (or mermaid cottage in English) .. and got this awesome view right behind our cottage. Niceeee.
The best thing about holidays is that you are free to do anything. We can sleep as long as we want to. We can eat as much as we want. We can have as much fun as we can. And that’s what we did. 🙂
Here’s some pictures of how beautiful this place is..

the beach
night view 😉

We also visited some awesome shows and parks..

1. Fantastique. 19.00
awesome show. Dancing fountain, crazy lightings, crazy theatrical show, great music.. just wow. And the best part is.. that this show is in promotion and we get to watch it for free. AAAAWEEESOOOOMEEE. x)

@fantastique w/ the dancers
the dancers 🙂
timi emi - main character 🙂
Buto Ijo - villain! haha

2. Dinner @ Bandar Djakarta.
no need for descriptions. This restaurant is already popular.. Go there and experience it for yourself. We ate so much it feels like our stomach were bursting already. lol.

our dinner's.. done :'D

3. Eco Park
We found this place, and enjoyed it for real. A really nice place to enjoy the morning! No fees, just come and walk down the street, breath the fresh air, enjoy the sun, bike around, take pictures, feed the fishies, ride boats…
This place is just super awesome and nice. There’s no place like this. Clean, fresh, .. nice. Just nice. Jakarta needs more places like this!! hehehe..

Love is in the air~
family picture time.. ^^
the view!

4. Ocean Dream Samudra (used to be called Gelanggang Samudra)
This park has imrpoved, A LOT.
Well, it just got better and better everytime. Seriously. The new shows brings extremely nice experiences. Go there with your family. With your boy/girlfriend. You’ll be satisfied. Extremely 🙂

a teaser for you. . their new show, “Under the Sea”.

me ans my lil bro also rode a nice ride there.. good times x)

There’s more, but I don’t think too much pictures would be necessary. GO THERE AND EXPERIENCE THE MAGIC YOURSELF! ^^

happy holidays :*


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