Teetan’z 6th: We are who We are!

So.. what’s up everyone? It’s been quite a while huh?

Right. For now, I’m going to write mostly about this event that our school made : TEETANZ.

Just a brief intro, it’s basically an event where you’ll compete against other schools in Jakarta, and also to get bigger knowledge and experiences for your future.

Not only that, there also will be a bazaar that you’ll hate to miss.
It’s definitely something worth waiting for. And more importantly, worth attending!


Alright enough with the promotion.

I am here to promote but most importantly, I’m here to share my experiences.

Do you know how much it costs to make an event like this? well, I can’t tell you the nominal.. but it’s not cheap, at all. It’s crazy. I can’t imagine how we’re supposed to find money to make something like this. We’re just high school teenagers, from a small private school at the corner of Jakarta. It’s amazing how we believed to finish such a big project.

I struggled a lot too. I have never participate in organizing such event before because I didn’t get any chance. This time I was asked to lead myself and a team to make this event as a part of the preparation crew. Cool.

Now it’s only 2 weeks away and we still got so much problems that needs to be cleared in a way that we still don’t know.

I took some times to think about this and.. I realized just what this event is all about. Just like the theme that we’re bringing up, it’s about being who we are and still accept it. To be the best that we can. To be the best ‘me’ that I can.

I learned a lot from this event. Even thou it hasn’t started yet.. but well, I got lots of lessons from this. How we struggled together, the clashes between us, the problems, the sadness, the pride. It became something really meaningful now.
Now I can understand and live that theme that we decided to bring up.

I really appreciate just how all of us has worked together in so much imperfectness, the failures we already had, for the future that we can’t tell. I really love this project of ours. I hope all of us will still stick together and get this done.

Teetan’z Properties! Preparations! 🙂 proud of all of us!

Let’s be the best ‘us’ as possible, and be proud of who we are! 🙂

Let’s depend on God, let’s stick together even closer, and see us blooming to our best 🙂

At the end, let me give this song to encourage all of us – I love you all! keep on fighting!

Teetanz 6, LET’S GO!!



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