The Christmas Bless?

Hello everyone. Merry christmas! 🙂
Before I started, please note that I am not a person who tries to tell myself or others to do things that are too cliche or anything. I am here just to share my experience, and with this post I wish for nothing more but for everyone to conclude my sharing in their own opinion. 🙂

I live in the glamorous metropolitan city named Jakarta. Yes, the capital city of Indonesia. I love this city, even thou it has so much weakness.
One Sunday evening one or two weeks ago, on my way home from the church, I saw something that left a big question mark on my head.
This is how it goes.
My car was driven in front of a mall in west Jakarta. I paid some attention everytime I am passing that road, because every evening you can always find two little kids, sitting on the sideway with their dad, always on the same spot, with a poor cart beside them. I can assume that their dad’s job is something related to trash from the look of the cart.

That evening, the road had a small jam and I wondered why. I can hear the car in front of me let out some long unfriendly honks. I tried to look out from the window and saw that there was a blue car in front of the honking car that stopped in front of the sideway. The driver was trying to communicate with the ‘trash kids’ I mentioned before. Not only that, the driver also gave them some gifts, but I didn’t see it quite well. It didn’t last long, not even over one minute – but the car in front of me kept on honking.

That moment left a huge question mark on my head.
What does it mean?
Maybe the blue car did make a mistake by stopping in front of the sideway and kind of ‘blocked’ other cars.
Maybe the honking car was in a hurry.
Maybe this could be taken as nothing big.

But right after that I saw the kids’ smile. How they waved their hands so excitedly to the blue car.

I felt sad. Someone had shared the christmas bless.. while others seems to be disturbed. The jam wasn’t even that bad. But they still felt disturbed and unhappy.

I don’t know what you all see in this experience of mine. But what I see is that I don’t think I want to be the honking car.
I’ve passed that road lots and lots of time. I had seen that poor shelter-less family a lot. I didn’t even had enough care to follow the blue car’s action. I couldn’t even do that. Then I think.. Why not support those who did that? rather than being all grumpy because it cost me a bit of comfort.
Why don’t we share?
Our condition was much much better than them. Why complaining?

I hope that I could do better. I hope that I could also share that christmas bless – not only on christmas times I pray. But also everyday. To be thankful and to give.

Merry Christmas everyone. God Bless You.


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