Don’t miss me, said the opportunity

opened door

The year’s ending.. and we’re going to start a whole new year real soon. Mommy said that everything that you let slip away without planning would head to nowhere but failures. So I think maybe we all need to plan our life for next year, don’t you think?

But before all of that.. I got some really good values to learn at this year end, and I hope my sharing would inspire you all too.

Opportunities. Big deal. What are they? they’re your time. Your everyday. Whatever you face everyday is an opportunity. Chances. They’re endless, they’re precious, and most importantly .. They won’t be there twice. Even though it seems similar – no. They never came back. There are no second chances. They’re all different chances.

You’ll never know what your chances bring you. Your choices when facing them could always be a big deal. Never underestimate your opportunities. Everytime you make a choice, another door is closed and will never be opened nor met again.

Not just that. You can never tell what changes your choices gets you. It could be a big change you never knew.

Everyone knows the story of the King that disguised himself as a normal citizen in need. Everyone had the chance to help him. To do good. Everyone had the ability to do so. But only some took their chances, and most of them let it slip away. And those who took their chances got a huge paid back.

You see, we all had opportunities. Lots of them. It only depends on you, what you will do with them.

Don’t let it slip away. Don’t let you life flows just like that. Take the chances. Take the chance of doing good, of being a good family member, of being a good worker, student, lover.. anything.

Make it work! Cause if you don’t, well, the opportunities will say it: “Don’t miss me”.

Happy New Year, everyone πŸ™‚


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