I had struggled a lot on 2012, trying to decide the path I will take in the future. So much thought, fear and concern came back and forth on my mind. I had made my decision on where to go, thankfully. I had this path in my mind that I believe would be the best choice considering all my calling, ability and chances. I am here today to share you one of my reason. “I want to be someone useful.” that’s what I told my dad that night, in one of our countless discussions about my future education. I know I am here because of a reason, and I want to live to fulfill that. I feel like I have this duty – To give as much as I can. To do the best that I can. To contribute as much as I can.. where? in the place that God had put me into. And I know at least a bit of where that place is. It’s my country. My needy, beautiful, poor country, Indonesia. Indonesia.. I’m not gonna cover up the fact that this country has so many rotten parts. So many things that are lacking. I even just discovered how everything that we see right now is nothing but a play. Those that seems to be working hard to excel humanity? I learnt that what they are doing right now is actually nothing but advanced investment, to help securing their own positions in the future. It worked, even in here. In our own country. we are part of the play that everyone else plotted. Bunches of hypocrites everywhere. I used to look up to them but when I learnt the truth it breaks me down. I no longer believe true passion does exist. I can’t see those art as something independent anymore. It looks more like a tool, played by the richest ones, the powerful ones, that cares for nothing else but their own wealth. But after that – thinking of them, feeling disappointed. . well, I realize, ofcourse,I can’t change anything. Complaining won’t do me any good. So I that’s why I started telling myself this. There is still me in this world. at least I can still do what I can do. I can still work for the best. I can still love. I can still live the way I thought would be right.The choice is still mine. It had always been, and will always be, mine. Maybe one day I will face that hard time trying to choose the best path I could take from really bad choices. But even in those situations I can still look for the best. So now I choose to keep loving this country. To work as hard as possible so that I could contribute a lot to this beloved country. Who kmows what the future will bring. Who knows how your actions now will impact the future. We all have the same choice. One more thing.. I know I am not alone. There are still many of you out there that I believe still have the same love. Shares the same passion. Let’s share this dream together, let’s work together, let’s do what we can do, let’s improve ourselves, let’s keep on being us. We are many, we are IndONEsia. “..I’m Starting With The Man InThe Mirror.. I’m Asking Him To Change His Ways .. And No Message Could Have Been Any Clearer.. If You Wanna Make The World A Better Place Take A Look At Yourself, AndThen Make A Change” -Michael Jackson, Man In The Mirror We are one


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