Bali Bids Aloha – Conclusion

I spent six beautiful days with +50 awesome friends, in Bali, for our goodbye-trip.

Do you know how I feel at the day before our trip?

I feel miserable. I hate it. I don’t feel like going there, I don’t feel like I spending my time with some stupid exschoolmates.

I honestly don’t understand why either. I just feel uneasy and unhappy.

Maybe it’s because the last time I went to Bali.. things were not as beautiful as I thought it would be. I had some terrible moments in Bali and I guess it’s haunting me.

I was afraid. Afraid of exposing my life so openly in front of my friends. Afraid that this would end up being a trip to hell instead of a so-called paradise. Afraid that we will be driven further apart instead of remembering the beautiful times we had in high school.

Honestly? I was nervous. Nothing else could explain.

When we arrived in Bali.. well, I had no expectations. I just want to be there without wasting my time. I want to let every moment inspire me and teach me to be a better person. I don’t want the trip to be just another trip. I want the trip to be able to be remembered forever.

I am not someone who can speak out my mind in front of everyone brutally, even thou sometimes I look and act as if I am such a person. But way deep inside, the truth is .. that I am a person who thinks so much and someone that always gets nervous.

High School changed me. I don’t know how and I don’t know if this is what others might see or not, but I learnt to be a leader through high school. I learnt to make mistakes and deal with them. I learnt to accept myself. I learnt to appreciate things the way they are and start loving myself more. I found myself.

I was able to speak in front of big crowds in so much confidence. I really don’t know how that could possibly happened. I was just another weak girl back then at JHS. I remembered clearly how I hated myself so much. How I feel that whatever I do, others will just laugh at me. That I am stupid, useless, and worthless.

I feel priceless – meaning that I feel like I have no price. I am just another social rubbish.

But through high school I started to feel priceless in the other way – the right way. I feel like I finally found how worthy I am. I found my price. And I found out the fact that I am priceless. No one could be me. And I can’t be anyone else but myself either.

I am grateful for that. And for that reason, I started this project. I want my last goodbye to high school to be an appreciation I can give for my friends that had changed me, to be a way to show my gratitude towards high school, to show my happiness and my love.

I made it. I can’t believe I made it. I wrote six full short stories every single day I was in Bali, inspired by our tour. Every point that I wrote about are stuffs that I actually learnt myself. I learnt a lot through Bali. I learnt a lot through my friends.

I felt that through all of this, I have grown into a much better person. I have learnt to appreciate so much things in life.

I hope that all of you would face the same magical moments, or even if you had passed it along the way, you would recall them once more and remember it as beautiful lessons that life had taught you.

Aloha, Bali. Aloha, high school. Aloha, future.
Wishing you all the best of luck. ♥

And also with this precious moment, I would like to announce the winner of my first ever book giveaway!

Saya memilih pemenang ini berdasarkan cerita yang di bagikan dan juga berdasarkan keadaan rasi bintang dan bulan… #eh
Beneran saya galau dalam pemilihan pemenang. kenapa?
Pada dasarnya, semua cerita yang masuk berarti banget buat saya. Banyak kenangan yang indah dan unik dari teman2 yang bikin saya ketawa ketiwi sampe terharu sampe shock juga ada. Juga ada kisah fiksi yang juga menyentuh.. Indah sekali yang namanya berbagi. :”)

Biarpun hanya ada dua pemenang hadiah di giveaway ini, tapi mari bercermin pada kisah anda masing2 dan ingatlah bahwa hidup, memori, rancangan dan kenangan kita semuanya sudah merupakan hadiah dari hidup buat kita.
biar kita mensyukuri dan mengenangnya selalu!

Congrats buat Alfindy Agyputri dan Yuni Ayu Amida buat pemenangnya! ^^

Contact by email yaa 🙂

Terimakasih banget buat semua yg udah berpartisipasi. Saya betul2 banyak belajar melalu project ini. Saya juga senang sekalibanget bisa ketemu teman2 baru dan membaca cerita teman2 semua 😀
All the best of luck semuanya! Aloha! ^^


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