Lost in Jogja

Lost in Jogja
Lost in Jogja

Hello everyone 🙂 how have y’all been doing? 🙂

So glad to have held my first ever giveaway last month.

Actually, I learnt so much through Bali Bids Aloha that I guess I started to feel like I still don’t get enough.

So here I am, like a dumb writing a post on midnight, deciding to start another personal project.

This next project of mine will be a lot more private.

I am not yet finished packing my bags for tomorrow morning (hey, I’m writing this on the 27th June ok), I am flying to Jogja and Madiun.

And with that, I also officially kicked off a new writing project once again.

Yes, I am travelling once again. And writing once again.

Please keep enjoying my stuffs here, for I will write down even more memories into stories. 🙂

Wish you all great luck!




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