The Damned First Night


everything seems to go wrong. seriously wrong. my body’s not cooperating at all. my stomach feels so wrong! maybe it’s because I just travelled for so many hours from madiun to jogja. it’s really tiring, trust me. not to mention my family-a very loud group of people-who kept me awake most of the way. I feel exhausted. And I don’t have anyone to guide me here in this city. I have no map, I have no plan – I just got here. We just arrived at the hotel, and the hotel’s nice. very nice, in fact. I hurried to the bathroom/toilet because my stomach could no longer wait to finish its job. oh the smell. the smell!
I have finished my business in the toilet like an hour ago and everyone had finished taking shower too.. but the smell won’t go away. Seriously? even three hours after we arrivedΒ  the smell just won’t go away. It even smelled worse. What the hell – did my stomach produced a monster or something? we decided to just endure the smell and try to sleep.
“Let me rub your big big belly, bro” my big bro told my lil bro. And with that statement, they started to tickle each other’s belly and it was a mess. But then a strange sound came from below.
Our bed made a cracking sound.. and KABOOOM. Our bed sinked(?)right in the middle. Great. we just broke our bed. Just like how aslan broke the stone table in Narnia.
“So it didn’t actually break?”
The staff from the hotel had arrived and examined the bed. Thankfully, it didn’t break, it’s only the blocks that supported the bed got misplaced and mad the bed sunk into the middle. This reminds me of an episode in CSI (or maybe Law and order? can’t remember) where they found a dead body inside a bed in a hotel. But looks like my life is not that miserable yet. The staff guy finally put the blocks back to where they belongs, and we could use it once again.
The next morning was full of challenge. We have to move to another room because the bad smell would not go away (it got worse) and it turns out to be caused by a dead rat somewhere inside the room. (NOT my poo!) Oh well. I wonder how my first day in Jogja would feels like.. and looks like it’s not going so well. But whatever. The city still got some more days before it could be scored. Well done Jogja for the damned first night.

Note : all of this.. actually happened. =___=


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