Numpa’ Becak, Now!


“We’d like to visit the Keraton (Sultan/King’s Palace). And after that we’ll shop across Malioboro street..”
“Oh, but the way to Keraton passes through Malioboro! You should start there instead of getting to the Keraton first! it’s only a few hundred metres from Malioboro and you can get there by becak~”
The taxi driver convinced us to stop at Malioboro, and kicked us out of the taxi.
The day was extremely hot, but we kept on walking. My lil bro keeps on disturbing everyone, asking Mom and Dad continuously to buy him things he wants. What a great combination – the hot weather with my sucking lil brother and the small isles crowded with people – I am NOT cool with this.
After a late lunch in the mall, we decided to move on and visit the Keraton.
“It’s already 2PM – The Keraton’s already closed by now!” And by those words a becak driver refused to get us to the palace. Hahh~ What the hell. We’re late? great.

My mom frowned, extremely annoyed by the situation.
“Wait! you can still visit the palace cart’s museum, near the palace!”
A different becak guy desperately told us a few metres away. And we got a deal. 15 thousand rupiahs to get us to the Museum.
I tried to cool my head down on our way to the Keraton. where is it.. where is the city that I once knew? where I made some memories.. even thou they are vivid ones? I fell in love with this city a few years ago but now why do I feel like it’s no longer welcoming me? but after some real thoughts I realized now that I fell for the city before when someone introduced the city for me. They had planned things to do, I just need to follow them and enjoy the ride.. but now that we got here alone with no preparations, it gets so hard. Maybe I’m not that experienced yet in travelling. Especially with my family. Maybe I should take all of this easily and just learn how to enjoy this one by one.

I started to look around and take some accidental pictures because such activity always calms me down.

We should really prepare everything well next time. .

Our damned situations might be a proof of our sloppiness in time and activity management.

I should’ve learnt more before getting anywhere.

There, there. what a lesson from thoughts while riding becak.

I should really ride one everytime I’m lost – in thoughts. Even tho the drivers cares about nothing more but money…

Ride a becak, now! (Numpa’ = to ride, in Javanese)


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