The good side of guilt


Lately I’ve been feeling like a useless piece of trash.

I felt like I did everything in the wrong way. As if I haven’t done my best yet.

I felt guilty most of the time.

Why did I waste so much time doing useless things?

Why can’t I fix my lackings?

Why does it feel like I’m still not good enough?

But the problem is even tho I know I’m still behind, I did nothing to fix it.

I started blaming others, instead of doing anything in the right way.

Great, right?

So now it’s time to change and get back on doing the right things.

My dream is give a good impact for my country. I need to start doing it now.

At least this trashy feeling wakes me up.

I need to stop blaming others and blaming myself. I need to start doing the change in actions.

Well. Sometimes someone’s trash is others’ treasure, right?

Start the engine, and work hard, properly.


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