Growing up

all credits to romanticstyle at devianart
all credits to romanticstyle at devianart

What does growing up means, I asked myself.

Few hours before the year turned 2014, I asked myself what I would be doing in the new year.

Will my life be the same?

Will I do the right things next year?

What will happen to my life?

What would change, and what would stay?

I also questioned myself, seriously, what will I do next year?

I have this thought that kept on disturbing me, telling myself that I don’t want to waste my time anymore. I don’t want to let time pass me by, and let it control me.

I want to do things that are actually useful and worthy of my time.

I kept on feeling unsure until I stumbled upon some facts.

The fact that right now, I decided I want to grow up. I want to grow, because I have to, and I chose to do so.

I know it sounds silly.

But it is no longer silly when I truly understand what ‘growing up’ means.

Growing up means willing to do things that you ‘hated’ because it’s the right thing to do.

Willing to make up your bed everyday. To wash the dishes. To wash your own clothes. To spend your time in front of the computer to study instead of browsing the internet.

It means giving up all the ‘fun’ for the exchange of something better. To run for your dreams. To be discipline.

To decide for yourself that you are willing to be dragged away by your dream, to live up to the standard of your living purpose.

I want to live in a certain standard, so that’s why I started to train myself to so so. I want to live in some certain ways – that means I have to live up to those ways.

It does feel like you’re being tied up with itchy ropes, and got dragged instead of walking freely anywhere you want – but do you know that living that way is the only way you could get peace for yourself? To let yourself learn the ways of the world, obey the rules, and still run to a purpose you have in your heart – that’s the only way.

I know maybe for others, the definition of growing up may vary. And even sometimes I found people that felt tired of growing up, and saying that growing up sucks – they decided to kept on going with their own ways, the fun way.

But I have decided this way of mine – and I’m not going to change it.

I would try to learn how to deal with life, how to accept the fact that I would be tied up and dragged wherever God wants me to go. And at the end, I know that I would look back and be grateful – for I am living by the way that I chose for myself.

So what kind of life would you choose?

I chose to look forward into God’s plan for me, and living by His way.

What about you?

Last but not least,



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