Movie vs Book #1 – Divergent!


Hey! it’s spring break, even though we don’t have spring here in our country.. At least the uni is giving us two weeks of holiday before throwing us to hell again.

Anyways! decided to watch this, because I just can’t wait for the third book to be available in our language here.. (the english version is waaaay too pricey. I’m not that rich you know..) and I think the movie would be amazing, since I loved the novel. FYI, I finished divergent and insurgent two days in a row.. yes, continuously. How awesome is that..? But that kills me because I just can’t wait for Allegiant. gagagagagagagagg~

Enough with the book rants.

I expected a lot from this movie, because the whole idea of the book is amazing and I am pretty skeptical about how the directors would pull this up. But they did pretty well.

I was actually surprised and super happy when I read at the screen that Veronica Roth, the writer, is the co-producer or something. That means nothing could goย tooย  wrong. And I was right.

The movie sticks to the novel real well! All my imaginations of how the whole dystopia world of the factions were portrayed well, really well.

I took several notes in my head, actually.

Starting with the settings. I was actually amazed of how specific the sets were. They were exactly as how I imagined them. The hall for the choosing-faction-thingy.. It was perfect.


I thought the fence surrounding their world would be a tall, huge, solid wall like the one you see in the famous scene of world war Z, you know. but it’s actually shown as bunch of electrical stands, and it’s pretty awesome, actually.

the fence
the fence

The houses of Abnegation, however.. they look nicer than how I imagined it would be. I thought it would be.. dirtier, less awesome than those of the movie. But no worries.

Abnegation HQ

The place of Erudite, well, I thought it would be more white and more shiny, and older than the ones in he movie. I thought when the books mentionedย computers, I imagined.. well.. you know, like the ones you see in the military camps.. but instead the movie showed us some awesome LED touch-screen computers, apple-inspired stuffs? Well that cuts off the budgets, of course. You only need to play around with green screen instead of creating a more complicated setting. Nice choice there. lol. Too bad I couldn’t find the image for the erudites’ HQ. huff. Jeanine is.. less nerdie than I thought she would be, but she looks more wild this way, not bad.

Jeanine Cruella De Vil
Jeanine Cruella De Vil

Dauntless’ fortress.. well.. it was PERFECT. Still too small for me but it was portrayed perfectly. Their cave, the pit, I thought it would be darker but it’s still good. The tattoo shop was cool too. Nothing missed. Awe-suhm.

The Pit, Dauntless HQ
The Pit, Dauntless HQ

Don’t even mention the war games and the flying fox-thing. It was beyond me imagination! The ferris wheel scene was not enough for me, honestly. There should be more Tris-Four moments there! lol.. Even though I am a bit sad that the drama between Tris and Christina after the war game was not mentioned in the movie.. but whatever. Two hours won’t be enough if you try to pack everything in it, right!

Ferris Wheel Scene! AAK!
Ferris Wheel Scene! AAK!

We haven’t seen the Amity’s HQ, cause it will only be shown in Insurgent, but I guess it won’t be disappointing. I am so looking forward for the huge tree and the colors.. ๐Ÿ™‚

And Candor.. well.. they never stood out anyways, even in the books.. so… Sorry. Nothing for you guys.

But one thing to remember.. The costumes were amazing. Loved them.

Moving on to the characters.

I don’t know if it’s just me.. But I somehow imagines Tris to be much, much, smaller than the Tris we saw in the movie. And Four too. And everyone else too.

Christina and Tris

I mean.. in my imagination, the role of Tris should be played by someone as small as Christina (Zoe Kravitz)! and four would be as skinny as those korean boyband guys.. but NAH, Theo James is awesome. He’s just super. His fixed gaze, eye brows, muscles. . Hell.. no objections toward you, mister. I love you.

See his fixed gaze? That successfully made me a fan. Truly.
See his fixed gaze? That successfully made me a fan. Seriously.

But the Tris? ย I do love her voice. Super sexy! but the act, the size, .. doesn’t work for me, somehow. :/ But she did well, tho.

Just one thing that bugs me the whole time..

Since I read the book, I know all the ‘inside’ story. All the emotions involved, the intrigues, everything. But in a movie.. well, it’s almost impossible to bring them all up. So I was kind of worried that people who never read the book before would not understand what the main problem is right here.

I mean, things like Tris confronting Eric (What real bravery means, what Dauntless means..), Al committing suicide, Will being shot, the elder Prior dies, Four’s fears (His parents being lost in their own world and how Tris coped with them), Tris flying-fox-ing? .. The movie did what it could, but it still felt so tasteless compared to the book. The story was not as meaningful as the book.

Tris and knives. X__X
Tris and knives. X__X

The emotions portrayed was not as crazy as the book. Like Tori’s actual emotions when she talked about her brother, or the Dauntless initiate bully team, other Dauntless kids, Tris’ loneliness, Four’s thoughts about Tris (check out Free Four, people. It’s free and it’s amazing – a short story of how Four felt when he was throwing the knives)ย … it was not there.

Just like.. well, fast food vs. slow food.

But it is acceptable, because movies are not books and how both works is completely different, I know.

I shouldn’t rant so much, kekeke.

But really! watch this movie, people! you’re gonna love the action. And the thrill. And the effects.. ahh such a well made movie. I love love love LOVE it. ^^

the pictures were taken from the internet, I won’t claim any of it as mine. ๐Ÿ™‚


2 thoughts on “Movie vs Book #1 – Divergent!

  1. I also watched this movie quite recently and was amazed by the nice design of the fence. It just so happened that the week after that I came across a certain post on EnglishRussia. Turns out that the fence really exists, It is in fact an old radar installation of the russians called “Duga”.
    Fun fact: why is it not used anymore? Well it’s located right next to Chernobyl:-)

    1. wow. really?? that’s new! so the fence really does exists huh? and next to chernobyl. no wonders.. haha thankyou for the info. really fun to discover unique details like this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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