Today’s the first day of the new trimester. Class started at 9 a.m and ended at 5.40 p.m.. it was crazily tiring, not to mention all the new classes and classmates, new situations.. it was kind of overwhelming.

but as I was on my way home, the sun started to set, and the sky got darker and yellowish, slowly turning into deep orange. Light rain started to fall.

And then I saw my first natural amusement. A rainbow, a great, beautiful rainbow, showing off its colors with the orange sky as its background.


I know the picture won’t be able to show how beautiful the sight is. But I was really touched, it almost felt like falling in love.

The orange from sun set, the grey-ish blue clouds and the rainbow got mixed up there in the sky, and I can’t feel anything other than happiness.

When my car entered the highway, a huge lightning stroke from the sky horizontally, and it was so great, so magnificent, I could actually feel my jaw dropping, literally.

Of course I couldn’t take any pictures of it, for it only happened for some split seconds, but it was really amazing.
The song played from my phone right at that moment was ‘Can I Have This Dance’ by the cast of HSM 3, which lyrics goes this way :

..It’s like catching lighting the chances of finding someone like you..

It was so great. I could seriously feel happines bundling inside of me, I don’t really understand how.

And as the sky got darker, I can only realize how similar the color of the highway lights are with the color of the sunset. Hahaha.

I really don’t understand what’s going on with my brain today that I actually took it all as something that flutters my heart.

Maybe.. if we would just open our hearts and accept everything as it is, the beauty of life could actually show itself to us.. and that is actually what brings happiness, afterall? 🙂


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