Before the day ends, I feel like I need to hold on to its last minutes, and think.
What does this day supposed to mean?
a day when you say the most thankyou-s and amen-s, more than any other days?
a day to celebrate getting older?
a day to grief for life? or to rejoice it while it lasts?

I have always wanted my birthdays to mean something.
This year, the day suddenly came. I expected nothing, actually. Cause I’m not sure what to wish for, what to expect, what to give and what to get.
But maybe because I wasn’t expecting anything, I feel like I’m receiving so much.

I realized the things that I’ve done in the year I just passed.
With whom I have met and built relationships.
What memories I have crafted.
What dreams I have reached, what goals I have achieved.
The burdens I’ve taken, the challenges I faced.

And so I learnt.
That after all, life is just a grace from God.
To be alive is definitely the best gift, more than anything.

To be able to do something and make a difference,
To decide on things that I’d run for,
To see and test my limits,
To give,
To learn and be better,
To find myself,
To love and to be loved..

And birthdays means ..
a time to remember,
that God still have plans for you. That your life matters. That you can live a meaningful life. That we have hope.
a time to renew your commitments,
to do even better, and run even stronger.
a time to be thankful,
because God loves you, and He’s there, He’s been there, He’ll always be there.. like, all the time. 🙂

In this new ‘age’, I know I will strive to do even better.

I hope my life could be shared even more, and strengthens people around me. 🙂

I know God had showered me with so much hope and grace.
He let me found people whom I could actually rely on,
people with whom I could laugh, love, and learn..
I just couldn’t ask for more. :”)

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