It’s no longer about you.

Looking Outside - credits to Bambang Indrayoto from
Looking Outside – credits to Bambang Indrayoto from

Before we start – This post would be the kind of post when I blabber and all about the insights that I got, so bear with me if you’d like to. 🙂

Questioning. I have questioned. How can I be happy? How can my life means something? What is it that will make me feel fulfilled?

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

The saying’s actually true.

I want to know, and I look for it. I searched all over, trying to learn the truth on what makes me happywhat makes people happy.

I realized the stuffs that saddens me – not meeting an expectation; wishing for others to do something for me; being tired of life.. and so on, and so on. The list goes wider and deeper in so many ways.

But after a while, I finally realized.

God guided me through talks, conversations, journeys, books, articles – so many different things – to actually understand what will make me feel good.

It is when I realized that after all, life is not about me.

It’s not about me getting the best out of life. It’s not about me finding the right man. It’s not about me doing great stuffs. It’s never about getting rich, famous, or loved.

It is when I decided I would do things that impacts on others. To help others getting the best out of life. To understand others and accept people as they are. To stop concerning about yourself and start looking outside and actually make a difference.

When we share, instead of holding back everything we’ve got because we’re afraid we’ll lose so much.

When we support, instead of feeling jealous and hateful when others seemed to step on us and got ‘better stuffs’.

When we focus on what God wants – instead of what we want for ourselves.

It is okay to wish for things. It is very good to have an ambition, a goal, a purpose to run to.

But it’s not about the day you get the trophy – it’s about how you live each and everyday living as and learning to be someone who’s worthy of the trophy.


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