Parachute (Code Kunst)

At first I don’t know why things are this way.

Ah, Of course I don’t know.

Above all things, my memory’s also short.

Just right, it sees the ground.

No. At first it was really difficult.

What the hell is what, I don’t know anything.

That is why I looked for a parachute.

Expecting that I would be falling.

After that, pull the string on the sign.

After that, today and tomorrow.

After that, gotta let heroic stories without inspirations happen.

A sharp smell spreads and gets into my eyes.

Tears started pooling, I wiped my both eyes. Fallin’.

At the awkwardly opened eyes, water fills.

As I opened my closed eyes, I wipe again. Fallin’.


My manner stays the same.

Even though I don’t do what I’m not willing to do..

If I’m willing to do it, I will do it until I sacrificed my youth,

One word after another, and another.

Until the big talkers shut up.

We don’t know the limit values of life.

Right until they shut up.

I’ve come to love everything. Until I hurt myself.

Until all is finished, don’t draw any line.

If you don’t know, let it be. Don’t ask for more.


You win some. You lose some.
Don’t hesitate. Just do something.
Just let it free, but never loose.
I ain’t fallin’. I be on my PARACHUTE.


[ Korean Version ]

처음에는 왜 이런지 몰랐어.
아, 당연히 모르지.
하필 기억은 또 짧았어.
딱, 바닥을 쳐보니.

 아니. 첨엔 참 어려웠어.
도대체 뭐가 뭔지 모르겠으니.
그래서 난 낙하산을 찾아
떨어질 땅을 기대하려 해.

그 다음, 신호에 줄을 당겨.
그 다음, 오늘 그리고 내일.
그 다음, 감흥이 없는 무용담을 풀어야지.

메케한게 번져 눈에 들어오네.
난 고인물을 떠서 두눈을 닦아. Fallin’.
애매하게 떠진 눈에 물이 찼네.
감기던 눈을 떠서 한번 다시 닦아. Fallin’.


내 태도는 여전해.
안 내키는 건
하지도 않지만
내키면 청춘을 바칠 때까지.
한 말을 또 하고 또 해, 난.
말 많은 거 닥칠 때까지.
인생은 한치도 모르지
딱 들이닥칠 때까진.
뭐든 사랑해 왔네. 내가 다칠 때까지.
다 마칠 때까지 선은 긋지마.
모르면 모르는대로. 더는 묻지마.

(Lyrics of Code Kunst ft Oh Hyuk & Dok2’s Parachute // A Message Over Being Young)

(Free translated by myself ft google and PIKA. Hope these lyrics spoke to you as loud as it did to me.)


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