Tuesdays With Morrie.. and Myself

I just finished reading Mitch Albom’s thesis with his late professor, Morrie, which class has always been in Tuesdays, since they’re Tuesday people. Hehe, so cheesy I know. I grin a lot reading this.

But honestly though?

I found strength through the book. I found a love to life when I almost gave it all up.

All those values I had learnt and had always believed – were all there, so ready to be dug out again, refreshed and polished, if only I want to dig once again.

The book inspired me a lot.

I feel like no matter how, someday I will need to re-read the whole book once again, since it was too precious to let it pass just like that.

It’s kind of like a packed lunch menu that you will find still delightful when you come back for it.

I know, weird description.

But it does remind me of how to live. And to be grateful about life.

To live it to the fullest, because your time on earth is only now. No coming back.

I learnt that no matter how bitter life could be, it is worth loving and living for.

If you’re still here, you gotta do something.

Enjoy every moment, let everything wash over you. Feel everything, absorb everything, be grateful and make most of everything.

I have been bitter long enough.

I have let my days pass with too much ungratefulness.

And I don’t want to continue this way.

I want to seize my days. And live to the fullest.

I don’t want my days to be useless.

If I can still live, I want to give.

For through giving, I will receive all that I ever needed.


All the serenity, the love, the respect, the happiness.. not from what the world gives me, but from within.

I want to be in the present. To feel every moment and cherish them.

Because just as Morrie said, I will eventually die at some point.

At least I want my days to matter.

To glorify my God.

To be of any help for others.

That’s the only way I can continue to live, either while still breathing or not.

So help me make this promise to myself.

That I will be living. Living seriously. And gratefully. And let every day a new day.

That I will be sharing all that I have. For in sharing we all live.

Thank you Morrie, for the great lessons that I can never forget.

Believe me, I am glad I found you in that rusty bookshelf.


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