Doing Yoga like A Grandpa (Or Grandma)


My first day for my own “Stay Awake Challenge“, and I missed two of my target action because I didn’t wake up early enough.

I have to fix that, of course, by fixing my sleeping schedule as well. Noted.

What happened today tho, is that I actually started doing yoga. Of course not the oh-so-fancy movements and poses people relate yoga into, only the basic breath-in-breath-out-stretch-here-and-there slowly. Yaas, I know the featured image looks more promising right! No, I’m not that fancy, sorry.

That’s actually the reason why I started committing myself into doing yoga as my main activity in my challenge –  because I can do it slowly, without rushing anything, without thinking much either, and there’s no such thing as forcing yourself, because you just do what feels right.

Hm. I’m no expert, duh. I can’t even breath properly throughout the routine. I am just as lousy as any grandpa or grandma you find in the park. I am a couch potato after all. No elegance, pure weird breath and awkward poses.

But at least I did something today, even as a beginner who doesn’t even know all those fancy names for all the poses and process I’m doing.

I guess even knowing that I achieved something new today already help me a lot.

It helps me think, it kept me motivated, because I know I’m actually doing something for myself, for my life.

Even if it’s something insignificant and look silly, even bad and ugly, at least I actually stayed true to my plans and work.

What about you? What new things are you doing today? Have you ever tried yoga before?



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