Not a Damsel in Distress

damsel in distress

You might learn how life crushed me down.

You might see before your eyes how my world could be shred to pieces.

You might witness how life brought me horrible trials.

You might think that I am weak.

Let me tell you that it’s not wrong.

Life did crush me down. And my world had been shred to pieces. Life brought me horrible trials one after another. And I am, truthfully, weak.

But if you think that I would stay being a helpless lady on the top of the tower,

Who did nothing but cry and pray to God,

So He’d be kind enough to send me

A knight with shiny armour, riding a white horse,

To fill my days,

And help me find who I am and what I am worthy of,

Then let me tell you, that is wrong.

Have you ever seen me stay on the ground?

Did you witness me crying a river so others would embrace me?

Have you ever caught me begging for love and mercy from others?

If I seem to be that kind of lady for you,

Then let me tell you this –

That I am not the princess who needs help getting away from her tower.

That I do not stay on my bed until someone kisses me and wake me up from bad dreams.

That I don’t need a magic glass slipper to tell me how much I worth.

That I am not a damsel in distress.

If a dragon kept me locked in an up high tower, I am ready to bleed in the fight for my own freedom.

If a spell of life kept me in bad dreams I would gladly hit myself to make sure I would be awakened.

If life brought me down to the ground, I will dance until I can walk.

If life made me cry a river, I would swallow my own tears to survive.

And I would still stay strong, even if my own family walked away from me.

Not because I am a lady made of steel.

Not because I was born as tough as rock.

But because I was enabled to do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.

Because I have received the greatest love of all, that needs not to be replaced by humane acceptance and love.

Because Christ is enough for me.

His grace is abundant, His love never ending, His mercy lasts forever.

Because when I am weak, He became my strength.

When I am lost, He made me a way.

When I walk in the valley of death, He is there beside me.

When no one takes me as I am, He proves He loves me.

I might be nothing, because I am everything in Him.

He is my identity, He is the one who fills me up.

No love from any man can fill my heart enough.

No help from any man can get me through.

No embrace from any man can give me enough strength.


I am not a damsel in distress, a lady crying for help from others.

But I am a soldier, armed with the love of Christ.

Made worthy and won from the death by His sacrifice on the cross.

Strengthened by His call.

Happy easter.


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