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Waking up- is a blog I made to help me learn about myself, learn about the earth, about my country,  my parents, about children, the school, teachers, friends, about growing up..

to learn about life.

To appreciate God’s work and to reach my purposes, dreams and goals.

The blog is named after one of the craziest verb ever : waking up. Some loves it, some hates it, yet good things can always happen if you’re waking up.


So, I share most of my thoughts here, and sometimes sharing a little too much fun. I post mostly about my life. Things that happened in my surroundings, and my thoughts about it.

Since this is a personal blog and I filled it with so many me-things, I hope all of you can give me feedbacks in order to help me becoming a better me. So please don’t be afraid to leave comment(s).. I won’t bite. 😉

I’ll try my best to give a good response and be better and better!

come back every two weeks and see what I found out about life!


about me:

I am a youth trapped in her own thoughts. Therefore I write. A lot.

I am currently attending Surya University, Indonesia, majoring in Biology with Neuroscience as my minor.

Hope you could see the world through my eyes with my writings, and I hope you’d have great insights through the visit.

God Bless You, whoever you are! ^^

~ Jeremiah 29:11~

twitter : @keziaolivee

facebook : Kezia Olive Sompotan


One thought on “About

  1. hey, do you have twitter? I want to ask u to do ZE:ARound the world project together with other ZE:A’S who live in Jakarta. ^^
    do contact me @peachfissura or email at grg_kai@yahoo.co.id if u interested to join me nd friends. ^^

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