great blogs to visit..

#1 – WongFu Productions

I knew this blog because I’ve been ‘living’ in youtube for sometimes now. It’s a great blog – it contains stories from the inventor of WongFu productions. Read the blog for more info .. I SWEAR, you won’t regret opening it 😉

#2 – BBI

This is actually a place where almost all Indonesian book blogger gather and update their reviews about books, talk about books, and more. You won’t regret visiting one of them since they’re really good, and they’ll be even greater when at the end, you realize, that you need books more than anything else!

#3 – Brain Pickings!

Uhm, perhaps a lot of people have seen/visited this blog.. But to remind you, yeah, if your brain needs some pickings, go ahead and follow the train!

#4 – Mark Manson

The fact that he can laugh at life and see things in so many humorous ways is really entertaining and enlightening. He actually helped me a lot through his posts and I can’t not recommend him! He’s awesome, so do check this blog out! 🙂

#5 – Quiet Revolution

As a life-struggling ambivert, I have those (sometimes) annoyingly dominant introvert side of me, and when the episodes kicks in, I kind of don’t know what to do. But thankfully, some people felt the same. And the fact that I can relate and get empowered by this web is overwhelmingly great. They deserve all my thumbs up! Grateful for this web’s existence. ^^


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