That Brown Suited Guy

The Brown Suited Guy

#1 Juhee dragged his chair all the way to the back of the class. He sat on my left, right between me and my big friend, Poldo. Chaerim, the girl who sat in front of me turned around in an instance, and we shared a quick grin. Taehun who sat infront of Poldo also did the same. JuHee is definitely surrounded. He got nowhere else to go. His face turned red, and he surrendered. Our “forum” had “unofficially” started. JuHee needs to be interrogated, and we’re the ones who’ll take the honor.

Chaerim started it. “Answer us. Honestly. Then we’ll let you go.” She smiled, in a cool-evilish-way. “You actually broke up with Yoona?!” JuHe didn’t answer. “When did you start it anyways? Why did you chose her?” I asked. “Come on guys, don’t do this to me!!” JuHee plead, and laughed. “HEY! answer Haeri’s question!!” Chaerim forced JuHee to answer my question, lol. He tried to run away but Taehun’s ready. He blocked JuHee’s way, and smiled. “We told you that we’ll let you go if you answer us! We’ll keep your secret safe anyways..” Poldo said. “Alright, alright!! GOSH! I’ll tell you guys then!”

We LOVE gossiping. No, wrong. We LIVE thanks to gossips. And that’s why JuHee made a mistake by trying to date a freak girl and broke up .. and still got chased around by that girl. And it was also a huge mistake by joining our gossip forum. We looked for as much information as possible, and we’re super happy about it. JuHee’s such a great person to interrogate. URUSHIII~! \(^3^)/


Almost everyday we play together, laugh together, and stuffs. And life goes on. I kind of love our days together, cause I’ve never felt this way before. I used to be so introverted, so closed, and I rarely try hard to open up myself. Chaerim’s the one who helped me so much. She’s like.. the loudest girl on earth, but she’s nice. Not bad at all, really. Poldo is .. a big guy. I teased him a lot and he’s really “scared” of me. I don’t know. I think I have some kind of strange auro that keeps him away, LOL. He’s the friendliest guy on earth. He talks to anyone and laugh to anyone. He’s the one you want to tease, because you enjoy his company. His easy-going-mind makes me feel comfortable. Taehun.. is different. We’re classmates since junior high, but we didn’t talk to each other that much. I told you just how silent I was, right? He’s a smart guy who plays around non-stop. He’s cool, and easily embarrassed, yet he’s so smart that he could turn over the situation and be on the top of the food chain. NOTHING beats him. He loves soccer like crazy.. just like every other guys. Lastly, JuHee. His real name is Jung Heechul, but it’s just awkward to call him Heechul. That’s why we gave him the name JuHee just to satisfy everyone. LOL. He’s also an easy-going person, and he wears his brown jacket anywhere, anytime. He doesn’t talk that much, but he’s a great person.

Day by day passes. We shared lots. We hold in too. We kept secrets, we made secrets we’re not that close, really. But we’ve become friends. I’m no longer a stranger for them.



#2 Religion subject. A super boring subject. I don’t know, the subject itself is good and interesting….. but still! No need longer explanations. Boring subjects don’t need specifications about why it’s boring. We all understand.

At those kinds of time, our forum is such a great runaway. JuHee, like always, dragged his chair all the way to our square, and we started it. I was actually trying to listen to the teacher but it was too boring.. so I read a novel. It was quite interesting.. but gossiping is our passion. That’s why I paid more attention in listening to our forum. Crazy, I know.

As you can see.. everyone was so ready for a sweet gossip. That time, we smelled that a really sweet gossip was soaring from JuHee’s head.  Chaerim caught the signal in an instant. JuHee’s up for something!! Chaerim smirked and quickly asked. “Who’s it? The girl that you’re attracted with?” And that’s the billion dollar question. It hits the jackpot. Taehun’s eye got bigger in seconds, and Poldo’s not different at all. “Tell us now!! Come on!!” Poldo laughed. “Naaah, I won’t tell you!” JuHee replied with a laugh. But Chaerim was not in the mode for giving up. She forced it. “For goodness sake, what’s so hard about telling us the girl that you like??” “Alright, alright. If it’s too hard for you to tell us the girl’s name, give us some clues!!” Taehun suggested. “alright. A clue, and that’s all!” JuHee replied with a smile.

“She’s in this class.”  Everyone’s eyes got bigger. Chaerim started to guess. “Is it Jessica? No? wait..  Krystal? Jaekyung? Hana?” She kept guessing, but JuHee said no to each of her guesses. Maybe he’s just shy. That’s what I thought. It was getting boring, and I decided to continue with my reading instead of listening to Chaerim’s endless candidate list. After some minutes of debating and stuffs, I heard something. “Alright. I’ll tell you guys.” JuHee’s ready to tell us something! I put my book away in an instant and kept my ears on. But after my reaction.. JuHee quickly stated. “….Never mind.”  And our reaction was crazy.

But.. just then I realized. He didn’t want me to hear this. That’s why he changed his mind and didn’t want to tell anyone when I was around. So I decided to kept on reading and pay no more attention to our forum. He’s .. not ready? I don’t know. I better know nothing, really. And he.. yeah. He told everybody else but me. Right after he told them.. He asked me. “You didn’t hear anything, did you?” And I replied .. with a quick no.

Right after that, I hurried myself to the toilet to have some time for myself to think. Why? We’ve been friends for a pretty long time, seriously. Why would he .. kept that secret from me? goodness. . wait. No way. Does that means that the girl he likes is.. me?! what?! yeah, that makes sense, though.. why he loves to sit beside me and Poldo. Why he didn’t want to tell me his secret.. GOSH! It’s me, it’s me, it’s me!!! but why me? lol. Who cares. But.. what if i’m wrong? what if it’s not me and I’m just.. being exaggerated? once more, who cares. It’s my feelings, it’s up to me! If I’m happy, that’s up to me! If I’m not, it’s up to me too. So I’ll just enjoy the bubble while it last..


#3 The next day.

I’m more than just excited. I can’t believe I was waiting for a strange number to come to my cellphone, hoping it was him, texting me with random stuffs.. But nothing really happened last night, cause there’s no sign of him trying to reach me. Too bad. But at least today we’ll get a little bit.. more.. closer? who knows?

JuHee dragged his chair all the way here. Again. He talked with Poldo and Taehun. About football. Of course. What else?? I smiled at heart, and try to ignore everything. Nothing so great happened these days, and I don’t want to look like I’m rooting for his attention. In fact, I still don’t know the truth, right?

Subjects changes, teachers come in and go out, the bell rang here and there.. He’s being a really nice guy. Seriously. He helped me a lot, and we talked some times too.. but still, I can’t really tell.

Poldo and Chaerim suddenly tease him. “Uuuh, you heard what our teachers said. You’ll need to be smarter than your girl to get her!!” Chaerim said, loudly. “Yeah.. you’ll need to beat.. our .. Hae!!” Hell. ‘Hae’ is the guy who sat beside me, and my name is slightly similar to his. My name is Haeri. His name is Dong-Hae. Does this means..? Gosh, They knew the girl. And .. the girl is me..? ME? really? Yeah, I’m actually the smartest girl in the class anyways.. what.. the.. hell.. seriously, I smiled and my heart feels like it’s jumping out and fly in the air for some seconds. Someone really likes me, this is a dream. A DREAM!!

Ohh JuHee. Your smile, your voice, they fill my head like crazy. You made it. You’ve sent me that magic.. that changes your dirty strange brown jacket into a really expensive, classy suit in my eyes. Cool. Maybe you’re Cinderella’s fairy godmother’s grandson? dear, dear, I don’t know. I don’t care.



#4 It’s recess time. Break time. Whatever. And just like always, I hooked myself up with Chaerim and some other girls from the other classes. We laughed, talked, chat randomly while enjoying our lunch. I can’t believe myself when I actually kept an eye (literally, an eye) to see if JuHee’s around.. somewhere. And he does! omg! omg~! Is he here.. to talk with us? Or just to stay there and also.. ‘keep an eye’ on me? lol, I wish for the same thing. Really. seriously.

We continued enjoying our lunch, and my food taste.. just awesome. I thought, earlier today, someone must’ve tried harder in preparing this meal I was eating. Or maybe it’s just me that’s living in heaven recently? I don’t know, and I don’t care. The most important thing is.. I enjoy and I cherish these moments.. flying up and down while watching him, talking to Jessica, my classmates, while she flirted him and .. WAIT A MINUTE.


I literally turned my head over to have a clearer sight.

Jessica. JuHee. Wait? JuHee. Jessica.

sorry, what?

Yeah, Jessica. Talking. Laughing. Beside JuHee. . . And he’s laughing too? What’s that below JuHee’s foot? a ball? oh, yeah. Jessica just took it from his foot with her own foot.. they’re .. flirting each other.

Hell yeah. That’s the only thing that popped out of my head. Damn head.

I knew it. I knew I’ve been telling myself lies all these times. Of course. Why can’t I see it? Why am I so blind?

It’s like the whole world’s rushing to collapse around me. They can’t even stand the fact how stupid I was. How crazy I was, thinking someone would actually like me and tell others about it. Seriously. What the hell was coming into my head when I thought of that idea?! I knew it. I should’ve stopped myself from thinking this way. GOSH.

I .. cried a heart. I.. don’t know what to do.

My lunch’s taste.. got worser and worser. I think.. my ‘heaven’ just collapsed around me. How perfect…

Haeri.. Haeri.. why are you being such a fool?


#5 It’s been a while since that ‘incident’ . Jessica’s the girl.. and I’m just.. another girl he doesn’t really trust. These stories are rare.. but it’s true. It happens.

I.. yeah, I cried. I had a pretty strange hard time this time, cause I’ve never felt this way before. But.. well, then I guess.. he’s not Mr. Right. lol. I just need to move on.

Thanks JuHee, for being someone that makes me feel happy for a while. You gave me a heaven for a moment.

Thanks, for being my brown suited guy, even just for a few days.. I’ll always cherish those moments when I was falling in love with your magic brown suit.


Haeri X

based on true story


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